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I am just over 70 yrs old, and erections and orgasms don't come as easily as they did years ago. I finally bought a real Aneros Helix Trident after procrastinating for many years primarily due to the cost. I have tried various prostate massage techniques, with some results with cheap vibrating toys with some minor success, but discussions of that would be too long and uninteresting for those reading this. I have always been fascinated with the feelings that could be coaxed out of the prostate, especially with a cheap aneros knockoff that I purchased recently.

When I got the Helix Trident, I tried a couple of sessions with little success. I finally decided to read the instructions that were in the box, and wow, that made the difference. I laid on the bed with my lower leg fully extended, upper leg bent at the hip sticking straight out, and inserted the Helix. It felt quite different, so I laid there quietly hardly twitching a muscle. After about 15 minutes (I wasn't really watching the clock), I began to feel small waves forming in my groin. Slowly, they intensified, each stronger that the last one. I concentrated on the source of the feelings, and listened to my breathing increase while trying to avoid contracting any muscles. I had to start letting out moans of pleasure as the waves strengthened and flowed over me.

I don't know how long this went on. I wasn't watching the clock, and didn't care. My mind was on my very pleasurable prostate. No erection was necessary, and I never touched my penis. Ultimately, I was too exhausted to continue. I walked around for the rest of the day with a big grin on my face feeling very satisfied even though I experienced no orgasm that I recognized. Every chance I got, I was laying on the bed moaning with pleasure again...over and over. I couldn't leave it alone.

The next day I was able to leave this thing alone for the day. My internal muscles felt a bit sore like they had been lifting weights or something. The following day, I tried again, but couldn't hold still. I was contracting my muscles quite a lot, but still enjoying the feelings. Then my legs started to shake, then all of me. It was a different set of feelings, but still very nice.

I can't leave this thing alone. I think this will get even better as I practice. I am in love with my Aneros!

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 Welcome to the forum. Wow your one of the lucky few, who is plug and play.  I am a do nothinger, sounds like you are to. How ever theres a well of knowledge to be had, if you read the wiki. Congradulations


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That’s awesome! Yes it really does pay to buy the real McCoy. I tried the knock off cheapies too and got no where 

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Wow congratulations! Keep posting on the forum to keep us updated. It is always fun to read about success stories. 

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Hello @markie,

I read your story here and liked it.  We have some things in common.  I have had some (1.5 years worth) experience with self-finger & Aneros prostate massage. Enjoy the relaxation, pleasure and some health benefits, plus impact on sex drive without using any pharmaceuticals for erections.  Early 70s age, physically fit, not overweight. Sexually active with wife, who is beautiful, understanding, and voluptuous.  She loves to play with perineum recently, as a result of my learning about the prostate.

I have had the Helix Syn V, and love it because of the hands free, the shape fits my rectum perfectly, and I can ramp up the vibration as needed to relax.  When I started using this, I had BPH (a prostate that was 94 grams, about 3X normal).  I had HoLEP surgery in May 2022 which reduced it to normal, and my wife beleives my orgasms are more intense in penetrative sex and masturbation since the surgery coupled with continued prostate massage.  This device has been a key that has opened up the intensity of pleasure for me and my wife at this age.  I look forward to its use and my wife responds with moves of her own to gain pleasure from her time with me - gets me hard thinking about it.

I wanted to thank you for sharing your experience, and if you ever have questions, I can help.

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