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I began the prostate massage journey a couple of years ago. For the first two weeks, it felt loathsome having something up my butt, but I persevered. I added a little cannabis to the mix (I use by prescription) and BOOM!!! To be honest, once I started the prostate orgasms, I seriously questioned whether I had, in fact, gone insane! The pleasure was off the charts! Since then, I have occasionally used it while making love to my wife, but often blew my load faster than I wanted to, so I typically don't use it with intercourse. That said, I now have +++++++++ ALESS prostate orgasms while having sex. I have had varying degrees of impotence and currently use Trimix but erectile function is improving and I am optimistic that aneros may just restore regular function. At 59, multiple orgasms feel like being an 18 year old porn star! To anyone who is having difficulty getting the super O, it is largely dependent on relaxation. Don't give up  - the payback is BEYOND bliss! Now I wonder if the ladies are capable of this kind of orgasm; if not I feel sorry for them! 

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