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My experience with Aneros

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I am a 60yr old man, a chronic masturbator from my teens when i was perpetually hard and could cum three times a day, through the years when erections became less frequent and less firm, to about 10 years ago when they stopped. Doctor confirmed all was well physically, and during the exam of my prostate I felt a nice tickling sensation. My doctor also commented on my loose anus! meaning that she could get two fingers in comfortably when most guys squirmed at one. On the way home I thought about the sensation and decided to try more: a dildo gave a good anal massage but did little for my prostate and no tickle; prostate massages ranged from the bad, a finger jabbed in my anus whilst being masturbated, to the professional where I felt as if I was being processed - strip/shower/enema/shower/lube/insert/lube/insert - again with not real buzz.

I then stumbled on the Aneros and bought my first, the introductory one, which was a disappointment. Too small, a bit of a tickle but no real awareness of it in my anus. So I went large, the biggest on sale at the time and it was a revelation. It filled me nicely, allowing movement, made me very aware of my prostate being touched and, best of all, helped my erections. I heard many men failed to get erect when playing with their prostates, but I was lucky. The Aneros is not a quick fix, it takes time, patience and a degree of skill to get the best from it but I persevered and would not now be without mine. 

Over the years I have developed a process that gives me most enjoyment and, used sensibly I can orgasm and ejaculate twice in a session, and occasionally I will have a third dry orgasm. I use my Aneros about once a week, sometimes less, rarely more and listen to my body. If my cock is soft but long, my balls tingle and my sphincter squirms then I know it is time. After cleansing I lube (a lot, an awful lot) and wait for the lube to penetrate all parts of my anus. I then insert the Aneros without touching my cock or balls. I can then move around comfortably doing chores but my cock will start to rise as I move and will normally get horizontal within maybe 30 minutes. My ball sac will tighten and I will start to feel quite pronounced anal contractions. If I can be patient and leave my cock then my erection will rise further; whenever I do stroke it I orgasm very quickly and have a strong ejaculation. Leaving the Aneros in, provided iI am still comfortable, I continue to stroke my cock with long slow strokes. I may also use a feather to tickle my balls, or have also found a shower spry has a nice effect. I can continue this for an hour or more before the sensation changes, i tense and have a second orgasm that lasts much longer than the first. My ejaculation is weaker but the cum is thicker and sweeter (yes, I have tried) than the first. I then remove the Aneros, lie down and totally relax. More liquid will spill form my cock over time. The warm feeling continues and I feel totally relaxed.

So to sum up, and apologies for boring you, the Aneros is my friend. Treat with respect and you will not be disappointed.



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