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wow is the only word

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I spent a good amount of time reading about what a super O would be like, so I thought I was prepared. Definitely was not. I have never felt pleasure or arousal like that before. I had a different prostate messager from tracy's dog that didn't do anything for me, but my first time using the helix syn V once I had one. First thing I noticed is how much more comfortable it was than the other messager I had. The other one was too big and was uncomfortable, which made it hard to get aroused. The helix gets narrow again as it's inserted, so it takes some of the pressure off. The design is just more sleek and comfortable as well. I haven't even tried the vibrating feature yet this is just from me using it with that off. Anyway, all guys should experience that once. From what I've read so far aneros is the only one to get you there, and now I agree. 

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