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When sexually aroused, does your prostate feel hard and erect? Poll is created on Dec 25, 2020

Poll results: When sexually aroused, does your prostate feel hard and erect?
Voter(s): 17
Poll is created on Dec 25, 2020
Yes  -  votes: 16 / 94.1%
No  -  votes: 1 / 5.9%

When you are sexual aroused, does your prostate become "Erect"???

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Hi guys,

When you are sexually aroused, does your prostate become "erect" or not? Men and boys become enthused when their cocks become hard and erect. However as Aneros users, we are instructed to keep our penises out of the equation as your cock becomes a huge distraction when you are using the Aneros.

However, as you progress in the Aneros journey, your prostate awakens. It becomes especially so when you have breakthroughs in achieving Super-O's and MMO's. You are in greater touch with your prostate when that happens. It feels that your prostate is hard and erect. It least that has my experience both in Aneros and Aless.

Has it been your experience? Feel free to share.




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Yes...I definitely feel like my prostate is “engorged” when I am turned on and even if my cock isn’t hard during a session I still feel like my gland is. As you say , I think this is part of the focus you learn to develop in concentrating on the awakened prostate during the rewiring and as we learn to have orgasms without the traditional penile stimulation. 

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I would say yes...with qualifications.  I definitely feel it behind my penis throbbing with the pulse of my heartbeat and this can get stronger and stronger, I assume as more blood gets pumped into the area.  During recent sessions it gets to the point where my prostate feels like it contracts in on itself, getting smaller and harder (and then the walnut analogy makes sense).  In this time I might liken it to an "erection" in the penile sense but I'm pretty sure I'm quite aroused before I get there, and it doesn't happen everytime. 

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Yes, absolutely, it‘s how I could describe it, it feels like something is pumping there and humming and buzzing, it even might ache a little bit, before the pleasureful vibes begin to spread through my whole abdomen, let involuntaries start over or let my member get erect or let him ooze precum until my whole body and mind again hover in horniness and blissful ecstasy. I have to log out to log in to Aless. 😉

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It's a yes from me too. I notice a small buzz underneath my perineum and it seems like it gets a bit warmer. When I really focus on it, it feels like it's pumping a bit and next I feel some twitches in my glance, like it's connected. A great sensation and a sign that my rewiring is going further and further.

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Definitely, especially noticeable during A less sessions, I can feel the gland through my perineum, when I massage it, and it feels much different during arousal!

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