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I want to share my experience from my last session and raise some questions

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Hello Community,


I used today my eupho. The session starts good. Eupho was moving very subtile. Some auto fuck and hard pressure to the prostate. But then i kind of orgasm starts. I very intense feeling. but it stays longer than usual. Like i climbed a plateau. I stay on this level app 45 minutes. Out of this plateau new  very strong feelings starts. At one time everything around the prostate becomes firmly und the ehpho was totally fixed. There wer stariting strong pulsation. i think the prostate. Knows someone this this plateau “feeling”? Get you the pulsations and contractions of the prostate too? I have only relaxed in a kind of trance. No “manual contractions”. On one time i got a strong feeling like a orgasm but the eupho after gives hard pressure and starts moving strongly but the feeling stays. Could it be that during the orgasm the aneros moves around like auto fuck or and pressure? i had kind of cycles. 4 or 5 strong "fucks" and the 10 secundes hard pressure on the prostate. during all the time the orgasm feeling.


I knwo, a lot of questions 😀 


I hope in community is someone to answer 😀 thanks alot in advance


PS: Sorry for my english i am not a native speaker

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