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How to get wife to move / play with aneros helix syn v

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I’m a very new user here with the Aneros Helix Syn V (also have the progasm jr but haven’t tried it yet) and tried it twice, once alone and once with my wife. That being said, I’ve used a variety of other toys before like the We Vibe Vector amongst others. 

I have not achieved the Super O yet (a bit frustrating frankly) but my question today is more specific to playing with my wife. 

When I used it last time, she was riding me cowgirl style while I kept trying to move the Aneros in and out by contracting my muscles. She didn’t really touch the toy at all. 

Is there a resource out there that can guide her on how she can manipulate / move / use the toy to enhance my pleasure? I think she’s not sure how to use the toy without hurting me 

Thank you for your help 

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