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I have been practicing about once every 10 days for about 3 months with the Helix but I haven't achieved a Super O. One day I discovered slowly thrusting the toy in and out provided pleasurable feelings. However, the feeling is similar to an itch that needs scratching. I can maintain this pleasurable itch but it is never satisfied. I've experimented with different angles and variable thrust speed but the only relief I can achieve is a wet penile orgasm. I even used my wife's vibrating tongue toy and the combination feels phenomenal. Is this what it is supposed to feel like approaching the Super O? Should I continue exploring this method and will it eventually lead to satisfaction? I just want to know if I am on the right track. 

Another question I have is whether or not to use the edging method or non-penile stimulation method. I once had a session where I prevented ejaculation about a dozen times. After about an hour and a half of edging my penis and testicles were no longer able to take it anymore and I had to ejaculate. During a non-penile stimulation session I was able to be aroused and had many pleasurable feelings but my penis went soft and never got hard again during the session. 

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Pleasure using aneros is usually compared to waves of pleasure through the body (not exactly in the prostate), a feeling of pleasure spread throughout the body. P waves usually grow as if it were extreme well-being, extreme comfort, and then, at the peak of these waves, there is usually greater or different but very intense pleasure.

Explore techniques, read the forum. The technique of doing nothing may be good for you. Just fulfill the requirements of cleaning the rectum, lubrication, some sexual abstinence and a safe and quiet place to practice your sessions.

With time, the sensations you felt will become more frequent during a session, that is, this pleasure can happen from the beginning to the end of the session without interruption, only with variations.

Answering your question, the pleasure generated during sessions and Super O is usually satisfying enough, so you probably won't need to masturbate to relieve tension. Again I say that time and practice lead to this regularity, get tested.

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