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It has been an evolving journey

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I am apparently one of the lucky ones.  I haven’t been doing it very long and I must be king of a savant.  The first 5 times I found no pleasure and completely awkward and didn’t enjoy ir.  8 months later and it is now like my prostate is calling the shots. It will spontaneously balloon, send tingles down my legs, and go into an almost autopilot pattern of muscle contractions.  I can have orgasms anywhere and anytime.  

Has anyone found that once your prostate is aroused and you start having dry orgasms you can stop and go grocery shopping.  Then have a quick orgasm in the car.  Maybe go mow the law.  I sometime have orgasms next to my wife while we are watching TV.  I am able to hide it.  It has become kind of a kink for me.  I can have orgasms in public, at strip clubs, even at church (don’t judge church is super boring.). 

I guess my question is if I take a break will it be difficult to get back to where I am?  I have found more frequent sessions after a good session, I can keep picking up where I left off.

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Wow! So cool you’ve got such a command on this type of pleasure. I find a similar experience maybe not to the same degree but I can certainly activate pleasure from my prostate mentally and device free. 

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If you take a break, you Will easily return to where you were and may find it even better! Mental arousal of the prostate and anus can provide the ultimate pleasure with or without an Aneros inside! Once experienced it’s easy to return to it!

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