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ive been following the forum for years but never posted.

thought I’d share my experiences with aneros use and heterosexual relationships.

When I first started using the aneros I was married to a fairly conservative lady.

I eventually got up the courage to bring up the topic by going shopping for a vibrator for her and buying an aneros for me as well.
She was happy with her toy but no amount of explanation or talking would convince her that my aneros was anything but gay.

over the years I tried several times but she found it threatening and was convinced that it brought my heterosexuality into question. I used it when she wasn’t home… she knew but didn’t want to know.

we enjoyed a fairly healthy sex life but she just couldn’t get her head around it. I felt guilt, shame and resentment and she was obviously threatened by it and turned off.

fast forward 5 years…

I am now divorced and have been seeing my new partner for about 3 years. During the first couple of months I decided to tell her my little secret. She was fascinated and very turned on by the thought. Totally supportive and wanted to be involved.

I regularly use the aneros with her. Sometimes lying next to her having orgasm after orgasm with her. Other times I insert it during sex with her. If the sex is slow and sensual I am often able to transfer the penile stimulation to my prostate and have dry orgasms while inside her.

perhaps my favourite thing is having a session with her watching me, encouraging me and whispering to me. Telling me to orgasm.

we have also explored pegging which is very pleasurable and often leads to dry or super orgasms. It’s a different feeling, because she has control of the pace and pleasure.

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.


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Congrats on your first post and for your sex life and happiness.  As a newbie from May it hasn’t ceased to fascinate to read about the enhancement these thingies can potentially bring to a couple’s bed.

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Welcome to the forum proper. 

Sorry to hear about your divorce,at least you realised your incompatibility early on.

Congrats on being able to share your journey with your new girl. Pretty cool ain’t it? 😉

Big props on being productive and getting your desires out in the open,hope it inspires others to do the same. A willing partner adds so much to the fun.


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jesus. that's sounds like heaven.

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Great post. Thanks for sharing. I wish you had posted this under the couples corner.

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