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Aneros after prostate surgery?

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A year ago due to BPH,  my urologist recommended that I have the Greenlight laser surgery, on my prostate.  The surgery took away my ability to ejaculate (it's all retrograde now which really sucks) but I still have awesome dry orgasms. So my question is this: is it safe to use any style of Aneros? Prior to having the surgery I did enjoy using my Progasm, but now I'm afraid to even try. 

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Posted by: @taustin
So my question is this: is it safe to use any style of Aneros?

I suspect that it is safe but I would recommend that you consult with your urologist to confirm that.

Good Vibes to You!

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Rumel's advice is on target!

My story:  I had BPH and tried pharmaceuticals to help with frequent urination (diagnosed with BPH in 2017), went through extensive physical therapy (Kegels & electronic stimulation to strengthen & reduce) and began prostate massage with a Pelvic Wand (given to me by my physical therapist in October 2021), then acquired a Helix Syn V (started Dec 2021), and acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  The drugs had side effects (fatigue feeling detrimental to my high energy activities), pelvic floor was deemed very strong, but acupuncture reduced my size (94g to 70g, interestingly and my acupuncturist was thrilled), but not small enough.  So, surgery was recommended and supported by 2nd opinions.  

I had the HoLEP performed in May 2022.  I stayed away from anything sexual or pleasurable for 8 weeks under the advice of my urologist.  After a couple of checkups with him, I restarted prostate massage slowly, penetrative sex with my wife, and masturbation when I wanted it.  I too experience retrograde orgasms, but do have precum secretions with arousal, and small cum leakage after orgasm as my erection is winding down.  My wife really likes the retrograde orgasm, and believes my orgasms are more intense now than before surgery.  And I can pee like a race horse again, emptying my bladder.

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I had brachytherapy for prostate cancer in 2013, which essentially the same thing without removing the prostate. At first my ejaculate was normal, then it slowly decreased to almost nothing, until I started anul play, and then aneros. It increased to where I was getting some fluid out, less than a tspn. If I abstained maybe twice that, in clear fluid which did not spurt out, unless I was stroking my dick. Rarely did I see white liquid, in the ejaculate, So I did a little research, and found pygeum, worked in the sense that, although I was suffering retrograde, there was just to much fluid to retro, so to speak. That combined with sudafed, when I really want a fluid orgasm, got me to the point where that clear fluid poured out, and I could feel the sensation of fluid running through my urethra like normal. That seemed to start an awareness in my body, and now my body produces more, or more is making it to the surface. I know longer take pygeum, as it is hard to find a quality product. And a larger ejaculate is know longer tht important to me. But taking it fro the 4mths that I did seem to have helped kick start production, I still take sudafed occasionally, if I know I'm holding on to a load. In the last year to my surprise there is an increasing amount of white fluid in my ejaculate, though its off and on. being that your operation was not that long ago, I would say be patient, your still hot as it were. But function will improve over time.

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Checking with your doctor is the best advise you can get.

I had a simple prosectomy (not so simple from my point of view) due to BPH last year. I have been cleared by my doctor and am enjoying my MGX very much. Actually, orgasms of all kinds seem more intense. Retrograde ejaculation is the pits, but everything else works great.

I hope for you the best.

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