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Female nipple stimulation

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Both in our 60s my wife and I are progressing our exploration with Peridise and Euphos.

I personally initially started to find out about the anal sensations using a Kegel8 and then decided to give Aneros a go. I spent a couple of months using the Kegel8 using a perisphera anal probe and soon discovered that nipple stimulation  triggered great sensations.

My wife has now been trying the Peridise and is attempting to stimulate with anal contractions and sensations assisted with nipple stimulation. However I think the issue is that her nipple stimulation is "wired" to her clitoris and g spot, and so getting going anally is proving slower. Any ideas how we can or whether we should remedy that or approach it in a different way?

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Awesome that your wife is up for exploring with you!

Is it a problem that she is feeling sensations in her genitals instead of in her ass? I think it’s a wonderful goal to learn how to have hands-free orgasms through contractions.  For men that means prostate stimulation. For women that can mean rectal stimulation but why not vaginal stimulation as well (again, hands free, just through clenching, arousal, etc)?  My partner has vaginal clenching orgasms and she loves them, just crossing her legs, getting aroused and blasting off while clenching. In any case it is hard to contract anal muscles without contracting vaginal muscles, though it can be learned. 

If she insists on anal pleasure independent of vaginal pleasure, you could also try stimulating other body parts of hers that aren’t wired to her vagina already. Also you can caress her ass, pinch it as well if she likes. I find the proximity of ass caressing helps a lot for anal orgasms.

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There is a vast potential for G-spot stimulation anally. If nothing is in the vagina, you can stim the G-spot with your finger in her ass, making the same "come here" curling motion with your finger on the upper wall of her rectum. Maybe can't feel it through the tissue, but the vagina collapses so that there isn't a whole lot of tissue to press against to stimulate the G-spot. Once having anal sex with my wife, she lifted her hips up by planting her feet into the bed and I was literally jackhammering her G-spot in this angle and she erupted with a massive squirting geyser straight up like 3 feet, it soaked us both! Never has she squirted like that, it was this only time. And she admitted that the stimulation on her G-spot was unparalleled to anything before and nothing since, and that was 23 years ago!

With the Peridise, maybe the largest sized one could produce some G-spot stimulation if she wears it anally. It will invoke some peristaltic movements because the vaginal and G-spot stimulation, while slight, will make her anus clench involuntarily just like it does for men. The difference being our prostate is housed for direct stimulation in our ass, while her prostate (G-spot) is housed in her vaginal canal. The stimulation won't be very direct it should be subtle, but enough to make her anus contract and drive the toy to stimulate her anally. 

Nipple play should also make her anus contract a little bit especially with the toy in her ass. Any residual stimulation of her vagina and G-spot from the Peridise paired with nipple stim will make the toy move on its own. It will just take time and practice but she can feel some amazing things from this!

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