• Contraction Technique Improvement

    1st hour relaxation only to thunderstorm sounds of nature. 2nd hour HypnAerosession CD1. Found during the last few minutes of the CD that my contractions seem to be providing a little more intensity of the same type sensations I had been feeling before. I also…

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  • Minor Progress (I think)

    2019-03-11 Length: 125 min. Listened to 1st HypnAerosession MP3 for relaxation and contractions. Afterwards listened to about 20 minutes of 2nd MP3 attempting to relax. Unexpected difficulties due to frequent gas caused by taking enema about 30 minutes before session. Relaxation of any desirable length…

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  • Blog Introduction

    An introduction to myself and any progress I make with the Aneros. I am new to blogging in general and am still trying to figure out how to use this blog. I am 67 years old and weigh about 280. I have been diagnosed with…

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