• Minor Progress (I think)

    2019-03-11 Length: 125 min.

    Listened to 1st HypnAerosession MP3 for relaxation and contractions. Afterwards listened to about 20 minutes of 2nd MP3 attempting to relax. Unexpected difficulties due to frequent gas caused by taking enema about 30 minutes before session. Relaxation of any desirable length impossible due to the frequent gas and tensing required to keep HT in place during gas release. This excess gas feeling continued rest of the day and into the next day. This demonstrates that, for me, it will be better for me to delay my sessions rather than consider an enema.

    Length 95 min. SR day 3 out of 21. Listened to 1st HypnAerosession MP3 for about 30 minutes of relaxation followed by 20 minutes of contractions. Switched to thunderstorm sounds of nature for remaining 45 min. mostly relaxing with occasional contraction and holding. Noticed something unexpected about the contractions… During a contraction, after several minutes of relaxation, there was much more sensation if I contracted slowly. After releasing, if I attempted another contraction too close in time, the effect was absent. In all cases, this only occurred on a single contraction after several minutes of relaxing. I would not describe this sensation as a p-wave as I currently understand that term, but at least I noticed something different.

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