• Contraction Technique Improvement

    1st hour relaxation only to thunderstorm sounds of nature. 2nd hour HypnAerosession CD1. Found during the last few minutes of the CD that my contractions seem to be providing a little more intensity of the same type sensations I had been feeling before. I also felt them more frequent. I Observed that when contracting, that it makes quite a bit of difference the rate of contraction. If I contract quickly, any sensations are minimal intensity and very short lived. If I contract very very slowly, I am noticing sensations along the way not felt when contracting faster. I hope this will ultimately lead to more sensations building upon each other during the contractions. Other than a light fluttering at my opening several sessions ago, nothing has been observed during relaxation. I do believe that sensations will begin recurring during relaxation. My biggest enemy at the moment is exercising patience. The time relaxing and trying to avoid expectations helps with this!

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