• New product HYPE

    . I stumbled upon a new Helix model I did not even know about. I found it at Wal-Mart of all places. The Power Force Helix. It was a bit awkward when the cashier scanned it but they didn’t seem to really react so whatever….

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  • Day Two and Three with Progasam Rise and Fall

    After I got home from class i had a while before i had to go to work. So I sled in my progasam for a few hours to see if i could get anywhere. After the usual tingles after a couple of hours i am…

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  • First day with my progasam

    I woke up Saturday knowing my progasm was almost here. The tracking order placed it arriving sometime before 8 pm but I figured it would arrive early like other orders I placed have. An hour after I woke up my mom shouted the fed ex…

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  • Soon

    I have decided to pull the trigger and upgrade from my helix to the program. I have been prostate massagers for about two years with little success until recently. I still live with my parents while I work and go to college so finding time…

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