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    I have decided to pull the trigger and upgrade from my helix to the program. I have been prostate massagers for about two years with little success until recently. I still live with my parents while I work and go to college so finding time for a real session is hard. (FYI my mom works from home and it’s a small house) Normally I use my helix in the shower to enhance my masturbation.
    But about two weeks back I was really horny and it had been like a week without using my helix. Both my parents where home and I did not need a shower. So I decided to try something new. I smuggled my helix and lube into the bathroom. After insertion, I pulled my pants back up and put some TP in my boxers to catch my pre-cum. I went back to my room and crawled back in to bed belly down and worked on my homework and just let in sit while I worked. As I got about half way threw my work when something happend. An intense pressure appeared from my butt, which soon turned in to an intense tingling which spread down to the tips of my toes. This lasted a few mins and then faded. I waited for some time to see if it would come back or expand in some way but nothing other the usual good but not great feelings. Afterword’s I slipped back into the restroom turned on the noisy vent to mask my deed and released my load I had been holding back (which was much more forceful than normal).
    For the last two weeks, I have been trying to create the same reaction with mixed results. Once I started to feel something like a pressure from my core was expanding out and was ready to burst but never really went anywhere. Kinda feel like I was subconsciously holding myself back. A few minor tingles here and there but nothing ground breaking.
    I tried expanding my covert sessions but that just ended with me falling asleep with it inside and waking up numb to the effects to the point I have to clench to even really feel it. My best guess is that I may have become too eager and am not putting enough time between my covert sessions or perhaps being fully clothed is interfering with the process. Can’t undress because my dam door can’t lock so anyone can just barge in at any time.
    Anyway, I ordered the progasm because the original (generic) prostate massager I had was a tad bigger than the helix but the shape was off so it never felt quite right. I am hoping the progasm will be able to apply the pressure I want while not feeling like it is unwelcome in its new home. If I get the chance I will post about my first go with it


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      04/01/2017at7:40 pm

      “Kinda feel like I was subconsciously holding myself back.”

      @tickettoride11, I can remember this feeling very well. Everything felt so strange and new during the first weeks, I just became frightened, whether I could harm myself. Be sure, your body won’t do yourself any harm, but not only your mindset needs to be convinced of that fact, your subconsciousness must give in, too. I’ve chosen autosuggestion to comfort my subconscious mind and kept on telling myself “I will do myself no harm, I am safe, everything is okay with these new experiences.” It helped me to relax and helped my subconsciousness to let go.
      Don’t know your parents, but at your age it should be normal to ask for some undisturbed time and space. If it’s really impossible to lock your door there are tiny tools like a wooden wedge to keep the door closed. A notice at the door, “do not disturb” should do the rest. It’s a big challenge already to keep quiet and suppress moaning and even yells of bliss. Try to talk to your mother about some more privacy, mothers are the most appreciative beings in the world although sons mostly doubt this. Best vibes and keep us posted!

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      04/01/2017at7:45 pm

      @tickettoride11, I would suggest to have some foreplay with your helix before inserting the pro making your sphincters ready for its size. That’ll gonna be a wild ride!

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