• Day Two and Three with Progasam Rise and Fall

    After I got home from class i had a while before i had to go to work. So I sled in my progasam for a few hours to see if i could get anywhere. After the usual tingles after a couple of hours i am happy to report i had a reaction that was comparable to a standard orgasm(for the first time) .
    After that i finished off the session with a standard ejection (which was a bit weak still worn out from the day before). After i went to work for four and a half hours i kept telling my self i was done for the night but my lust for pleasure got the better of me and i decided i was going to only try my helix instead.
    After i popped it in for the first time scene i got the progasam it felt different. I could hardly tell it was there. I was worried that i had ruined my self from enjoying it. Glad to report i was wrong there after a bout an hour or so i got some really nice vibs from it. The only problem was after another hour with no major pleasure reaction i was getting board so i swapped to the progasam to try and give me that extra push.
    Worst session in a long time after about a half hour I was totally dead in the water. I was almost numb down there with no good vibes. I admitted defeat and removed it cleaned up and went to bed. Tired again to day with little success with lots of good vibes and one really different reaction from the helix where it felt like my whole inside of my ass was wiggling, super weird but not bad just wish it had turned into something more. Think i am going to give it one more shot tonight after i let myself rest a bit and if i get nothing I am going to have to give it a few days to build up and see if that really helps.
    Question. How long did it take you, the person reading this blog to get your first super-o? How often can you “go for a ride” before you have to take some time off? When and how should i use manual contractions by squeezing my ass muscles? Do I only do it to start or should i do it in a moment of pleasure to try and tip the scales? So far i find doing so counterproductive. Takes me out of the moment and kills the vibe.
    Note: Today with no tool inside i am feeling some decent p waves when i lay on my side. Is this a good or bad sign?

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      04/05/2017at8:01 am

      Hi, it took me 2 years to reach so called super o. I was so overwhelmed i wrote a blog here. Maybe worth reading about my journey and what worked for me. Important to drop expectations. Do not overdo it. Too many sessions often means you are chasing it too much, ie expectations. Even i still sometimes suffer from expectations. It is almost that when i want it, it does not happen.

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