• First day with my progasam

    I woke up Saturday knowing my progasm was almost here. The tracking order placed it arriving sometime before 8 pm but I figured it would arrive early like other orders I placed have. An hour after I woke up my mom shouted the fed ex driver was here. I had told her beforehand that my friend was having a computer part shipped to our house because someone stole the last package off his door step (true). Luckily my mom went to take a shower as it arrived which allowed me open and retrieve my prize and store the package in the trunk.
    Holding it in my hand I finally got a good sense oh how big it was. It’s not much “bigger” than the helix but substantially thicker and feels twice as solid. I did not have a lot of time to play with. When the shower was free I smuggled it into the bathroom along with my lube. With plenty of lube and one leg propped up I braced for insertion.
    So here is the thing, I don’t know about other people’s butts but I had almost no problems with insertion. Maybe it’s my recent increase in helix use or maybe I just have an accepting butt because aside from the second hump I had to push past It just slid in and started doing its thing.
    I kept it in during my shower while doing the occasional manual contrition to try and get use to how it felt. After I got out of the shower I had about an hour to play. I kept it in under my cloths and laid in bed pretending I was trying to get a few z’s in before work. Once I was laying down I could feel the difference much more clearly between the progasm and the helix. The helix was a lot more passive about doing its thing while the progasm makes sure you know it is in there.
    Sadly, it was time to go to work so I slipped into the rest room and removed the tool cleaned up and put it away for later. I avoided cumming (but I really, really wanted to) because I was coming back for round two later. Eight extremely long hours later I made it back home. After changing I quickly reinserted the progasm and was back at it. To avoid a mess, I put on a condom to catch any pre-cum so I could more freely change positions.
    For several hours, I tried lots of various positions. On my belly, back, and on my side. Got lots of different reactions. Lots of little tingles around my body, one big surge as I almost fell asleep. I became keenly aware of how good it felt to curl my toes and stretch them out. Finally, toward the end of my session I fell into a good “rhythm” on my side where it felt like it was finally right where it needed to be but by then it was getting pretty late and I was already past my limit. So, I reached down and gave myself a little rub I exploded into the condom. After three days of holding back and the prolonged session it was easily the best orgasm I ever had.
    I had another session today but Ill post about that later. In the meantime, does anyone have any tips for achieving a super-o? What position do you find most effective? Am I supposed to focus on manual contractions or just try and relax, do nothing and let my natural contractions do all the work or a mix of the two?
    Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing your opinions.

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      04/03/2017at8:23 pm

      @tickettoride11 Interesting use of a condom! I don’t ever remember reading this before! Seems to me to be a good idea; it frees your mind up for concentration on your session. Maybe I’ll buy a pack!

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