• Progasm Ice Never Dissapoints

    Once again had only time for a short session but my Progasm Ice did not disappoint. Within a minute or two my prostate was primed and shortly thereafter those wonderful p-waves began and immediately transitioned into a full blown orgasm. The first lasted about 10…

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  • A Good Morning Indeed

    I write this, sweat still dripping from my brow, after my session this morning. I started with my Helix Syn and just wasn’t progressing as quickly as I needed today. I had no more than an hour, but my prostate was yearning for attention. I…

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  • Standing-O

    Due to a busy schedule, I had no “me” time this weekend. This morning when I got up, I decided I would ride my Progasm Ice while getting ready for work. I inserted it after I showered and I, although distracted, went about my morning…

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