• Progasm Ice Never Dissapoints

    Once again had only time for a short session but my Progasm Ice did not disappoint. Within a minute or two my prostate was primed and shortly thereafter those wonderful p-waves began and immediately transitioned into a full blown orgasm. The first lasted about 10 minutes with the second beginning immediately after I adjusted my position and arched my back a little. My prostate devouring the Progasm Ice, pulling it in and not wanting to let it go. Three fantastic orgasms left me dry mouthed from breathing so hard, dripping with sweat and leaking precum for 15 mins after I had taken the Progasm Ice out.


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      03/05/2018at6:17 pm

      @KevinT, I am glad that you are having great times with your Progasm ICE. This Aneros model with its sleek feel will spur you on in your Aneros sessions!

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      03/05/2018at9:26 pm

      Kevin. Your life sounds as rushed as mine is. Thanks for sharing your aneros life with time constraints. How are are you bro ? So glad for your rewiring.

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      03/06/2018at4:56 pm

      @Turnrow I’m great thanks! It took a little while to get rewired, but now that it’s done, I can concentrate better on making each experience better. I’ve said in other posts that it’s a journey, not a destination, and I firmly believe that. I enter in to each session with the idea that I’m going to work on making myself more aware of my mind and body rather than running to the orgasm finish line. Trust me, the orgasms come! The are absolutely fantastic! My mind is pressed on a finish anymore which makes them that much better.

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      03/06/2018at8:19 pm

      @Kevin. Thanks for the reply. How old are you bro? At 71, I should be slowing down professionally and personally, but instead, life is faster and obligations are ever increasing. I am glad for your successes with the aneros. I always look for your posts and enjoy following your journey. Thanks for sharing. You mentioned in one of your posts that you and your wife f… like rabbits. Enjoy that bro because in looking back over my life, my rabbit time slowed way down at age 65. Go Kevin Go.

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      03/08/2018at2:04 pm

      @turnrow I just turned 52. My wife and I are very active, gym 6 days a week, kayaking and cycling for fun. I’m sure this helps with the libido. I’ll “keep it up” as long as I can!

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