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    Due to a busy schedule, I had no “me” time this weekend. This morning when I got up, I decided I would ride my Progasm Ice while getting ready for work. I inserted it after I showered and I, although distracted, went about my morning routine. The feelings were somewhat the same walking around with it, but it had more of a side to side motion which felt incredible! Right before I began dressing, I put both hands on the vanity. I slowly started flexing my sphincter drawing the ice further inside me. I started to do my kegals and immediately began to have an orgasm. Abs quivering, legs shaking Holy Shit! A fantastic way to begin my day!

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      02/05/2018at4:36 pm

      @KevinT, it’s good to read abound your good experiences. It makes me want to pull out my Progasm Ice right now. Please keep sharing your stories; it more appreciated than you think.

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