• The elusive Super-O, but even more fantastic results

    Since my last post, I've almost exclusively used the 'Slingshot' to get things going. I have found that the ab crunch that involves this technique seems to kickstart my involuntaries which previously took 30 to 45 minutes. I am getting involuntaries within 5 minutes of…

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  • Two more great sessions

    I've had two more noteworthy sessions since my last blog. Two nights ago, I inserted the MGX while watching tv in my recliner. I recently removed the tail to facilitate this position. I did the relaxation with deep breathing for about ten minutes. I mentally…

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  • Questions along the way

    First time poster here and a little background. I am a 49 y/o newbie. I purchased my first Aneros about a month ago and am very happy with my toy(s). First 3 or 4 sessions even after reading quite a bit of the forums and…

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