• Two more great sessions

    I've had two more noteworthy sessions since my last blog. Two nights ago, I inserted the MGX while watching tv in my recliner. I recently removed the tail to facilitate this position. I did the relaxation with deep breathing for about ten minutes. I mentally decided that I would do very small contractions and to focus more on anal squeezes then PC contractions. This eventually produced small 'tremors' that grew in both frequency and intensity. After about 30 minutes of these wonderful feelings, I had an erection and decided to just finish up with a traditional orgasm. I began stroking myself and as I was building up, the 'tremors' started again with even greater intensity. I noticed that I could use a very light touch when stroking myself and could feel the orgasm building deep inside. When I finally orgasmed, it was during the fluttering and involuntary contraction stage and the MGX just seem to bury itself deeper then it had ever gone – WOW. I would definitely have to classify this one as a Super T.
    Last night, I had very little time, but decided to treat myself to a quick session. I had read earlier B. Mayfield's 'Slingshot' method and thought I'd give it a try since I hardly had the time for a full length session. I inserted the MGX and tried to follow his instructions as best as I could remember by pulling my cheeks apart and then balancing on my bottom as I lifted my legs and torso off the ground. In less then five minutes I could feel the 'butterflies' and involuntaries when I would relax. I know my technique was not as refined as his, but I could definitely see the potential to this session in ratcheting up the involuntaries. It had the added benefit of giving me a quick penile erection. Even though I ended this session quickly, I could feel the excitement in my anal and prostate areas and enjoyed this feeling for the rest of the evening. I was even able to coax a few involuntaries without the Aneros.

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