• Questions along the way

    First time poster here and a little background. I am a 49 y/o newbie. I purchased my first Aneros about a month ago and am very happy with my toy(s). First 3 or 4 sessions even after reading quite a bit of the forums and blogs, were fairly uneventful, but also a lot of fun! After about a week I had a series of what I will call body shakes that would last for several minutes at a time. I was on my back with my feet flat and my legs begin shaking. It would alternate between my knees flapping side to side, to huge shudders; all great feelings, but I still don't know how to define this within the Aneros glossary of terms. It wasn't a sexual feeling, but a new and different sensation that I enjoyed exploring.
    I found out that when I'm interrupted in a session, it is fairly easy to get back on-track without having to go through the initial relaxation phase.
    Back to more and more reading of the great posters on this forum and even more exploration and experimentation of these 'body shakes'. Like many others, I decided to order a couple of other products. I chose the Helix and the Peridise starter kit.
    I love the Peridise starter because without the p-tabs, I can insert and sit comfortably in my recliner and practice late at night without others even knowing. I can easily shut down if interrupted and have found it fairly easy to start back up. Both of these guys have allowed me to continue play with increasing results.
    Last night, I inserted the larger of the Peridise units and begin a session on my back. With my last order I included a HypnAneros CD and also have downloaded Kelly Howell's ecstacy cd as had been suggested by some authors on this forum. When the shudders begin about 30 minutes into my session, I concentrated on keeping the shudders localized to my pelvic region and tried to 'will away' the leg shudders. The result was my first erection and some really cool feelings and, ultimately, my best session thus far. I found that the erection was nice, but it required hard contractions to keep it going which seemed to overpower and end the action on the other end. I'm feeling more and more that the lighter contractions yield the best results for me and that there is a fine balance between pc contractions and what I call 'butt squeezes'; when I hit that fine line, is when I seem to get the best results.
    This leads me to a question. During my first session with the 'leg shudders' and with this last session, I had what I will call a numbness sensation across my perineum area. Almost like a cloth or heavy paper had covered the area. Last nights session, I had that feeling at one time on my thigh near my penis, and at another time in the head of my penis. The feeling just sort of shows up unexpectingly and leaves pretty much the same way. Is this a normal sensation? I couldn't decide if it was a distraction or a part of the build up to something special.
    Another question or comment I might make is that I'm still not sure of the meaning of a mini-o, super-o, or even involuntaries. Hence, I am reluctant to use these terms in explaining my sessions. Perhaps, these terms hold different meanings to each individual. I like having my penis involved in this play and last night was really the first time that I even felt its existence during a session. I still don't know if I'm supposed to be feeling it or not, but with the numbness sensation I had in the head of my penis, I was wondering if that might be a pre-stage to the feeling some express of a dry orgasm. I have not experienced any sensation of release, but feel that I was awful close in last nights session.
    I would like to close this with a special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the blog and forum and helping me to fast-track to this awesome experience. I especially want to thank Alana (I like it when she talks naughty) and those that took the time to put together the cd and would encourage anybody that is considering the Peridise products to take the plunge – they are very versatile and fun toys to have. I suspect that my next purchase will be for the even smaller one's!

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