• Newbie waiting for delivery

    Having discovered the Aneros revolution and this wonderful supportive forum, I have ordered and am eagerly awaiting a Helix Syn Trident. In the meantime I’ve been practicing kegals and relaxing, thinking about connections down there. I have to say I read an article on here…

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  • Close call

    Last night I had started with ET and switched to Max T after about an hour. Rolled on my side with knees up high when I had almost a soft thrumming in my head with an undulating blue gray canvas display in my visual cortex….

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  • Update

    Every session brings new things. I have found myself becoming more horny as time goes on. I passed through a period initially where all I could think about was my next session. That seemed to tone down after a month or so. Now into month…

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  • Back to the future

    When I first got the helix syn, at the end of June, my sleep was totally wrecked for about 4 weeks. I have an app that records sleep cycles using the motion sensor. I had been high 70-80% and dropped into the 40-50 range. Lately…

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  • Down the road

    Seems like the first month was a “Hey! This is fun!”-new thing experience. Had a lot of weird stuff and amazing sensations which seemed to have trailed off the second month. It still felt nice, and I enjoyed it. But the newness or honeymoon, for…

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  • New Things

    Still getting Mr P woke up. Every session seems to be more active. I seem to have more activity if I inadvertently fall asleep with the helix in. Not sure if it’s a time thing or relaxation or what. I tried the frozen coconut bullet…

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  • So Close

    Last night I was starting out on my side and was getting a delicious sensation about midway of the north south excursion. As I inhaled it would pass over and then stop, causing abdominal shuddering while I held my breath. Then as I exhaled, I…

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  • On Ramp

    I think I have made it to the highway to wherever this takes me. Yesterday morning I awoke at 3:00 AM and put the helix in, per a plan from the dud session the night before. I alternately dozed and engaged in contractions till 5:00,…

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  • Dangerous

    Holy crap! Went to have a pee at work. Finished my business and was checking my phone sneaking a vape. Absentmindedly strummed my right nip through my shirt and started into a serious aless attack. Damn! I had to break off before I ended up…

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  • Interesting night

    Had an ok session last night. Was getting small shots of bliss, no orgasm, maybe a couple small small ones. On my side at one point and I had a few involuntary PC contractions, I assume, which were very powerful and involved my abs as…

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