• Interesting night

    Had an ok session last night. Was getting small shots of bliss, no orgasm, maybe a couple small small ones.
    On my side at one point and I had a few involuntary PC contractions, I assume, which were very powerful and involved my abs as well. That was new. Felt like my heartbeat kicked them.
    I pulled the plug and went to sleep only to be awoken three times to very hard erections with major contractions. I can almost tell time by my boners during the night.
    Last one was about 4:00 AM. I started wanking and it felt like a whopper brewing, but lost my fire and no TO. which is ok because I was not disposed to dealing with what was building up to be a firehose of an ejaculation.
    Going to have to leave off for the weekend, I think. Short trip to take care of some business.
    Definite progress though.


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