• On Ramp

    I think I have made it to the highway to wherever this takes me.
    Yesterday morning I awoke at 3:00 AM and put the helix in, per a plan from the dud session the night before.
    I alternately dozed and engaged in contractions till 5:00, when I got up with it still in. I was leaning on the counter waiting on coffee and got a lot of gyrations and good waves. Went in the other room and went to my knees laying on the recliner. This is becoming my favorite position. Couldn’t stop thrusting. Even after I went upstairs to get ready for work, I stopped to kneel next to the bed and carried on as long as I could before pulling it out. I could have done that all day, but I have to work for a living.
    Fast forward to last night. I lubed up and got back to business. Started out fingering myself first, seeing if I could actually touch the walnut or not. Managed to get to it and got some feels.
    I put in the helix and immediately started humping the air, without any conscious effort. That was weird. I guess we don’t do the ‘get used to it for 10 minutes’ part this time.
    Anyway, had several mini ohs on the side of the bed. I may have carpet burns on my knees….
    Back in bed with a few more minis on my back and side.
    Nodded off with it in till about 1:00 AM, and did some more minis. Took it out but had many many aftershocks till I got up at 5:00.
    This was the best stretch of exercising by far. There were a few time when I felt close to tipping over the edge, but not yet.

    Next exit ?? Miles

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