• Down the road

    Seems like the first month was a “Hey! This is fun!”-new thing experience.
    Had a lot of weird stuff and amazing sensations which seemed to have trailed off the second month. It still felt nice, and I enjoyed it. But the newness or honeymoon, for lack of a better term, had passed.
    However, this week has been interesting. I think my prostate has started to gain more sensitivity.
    Before, it was just not really reacting. I’d get a nice twinge or a half second flood of energy, but really not much encouragement otherwise.
    Last night I got very close to going over the edge. I was pulling the helix in so hard and deep, and it was feeling so good. I couldn’t stop contracting.
    Before, if I did that, it was almost annoying and felt scratchy.

    I left off and could really feel it. I had ‘the itch’ and there was much fullness in that area. I was tired and needed sleep, but still excited and horny.
    So something has changed where it wants it good and hard up in there.
    I started thinking I needed a progasm, but now I think not yet.

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