• A-Less Sessions

    I think I've had a major breakthrough in my rewiring. Yesterday I was able to have Super O's with just nipple play whenever I wanted! It was incredible!

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  • Rewiring

    I had a session last night that was hopefully another step in my rewiring. I didn't have as much alone time as my last mind blowing session, so I knew it was going to be a H-Syn overnight session. It is always a nice feeling…

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  • Unforgetable Syn Experience!

    I was on Day 10 of the 21-Day Challenge, although I was already on day 7 before I ever saw the Forum posts about it. I hadn't had an Aneros session in about a week as well, but had been edging myself and having A-less…

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  • Overnight

    After my last two sessions with my progasm ice, I was eager to see if there would be any changes with my syn. I lubed up and inserted for an overnight session. That's one thing I cannot do with the Ice. It felt good going…

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  • ICE 2

    Last night was my 2nd session with my Progasm Ice. After my last session 3days earlier, I couldn't wait 'til I could play with Ice again. I didn't have much time, so I lubed up and went straight to the Ice. It felt like I…

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  • OMG! Never Felt Anything Like This!

    OMG is all I can say! After much debate with myself over which model to buy, I purchased my 2nd Aneros. I originally planned to buy the Progasm Jr. as my 2nd, but wound up getting the Progasm Ice last Thursday. I was going over…

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  • Breakthrough

    I was excited to write this entry! After my early success, I've been disappointed lately because I haven't been able to reach MMO's and Super O's. My sessions are always nice and enjoyable, but I just couldn't get that over the top experience for about…

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  • Further Journey

    I've had numerous sessions since my last entry, with varying degrees of "success". Let me start out by saying that all of the sessions have been pleasurable, and I really enjoy having my helix inside of me. After the success of my MMO session, I…

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  • 1st Experience

    Wow! This session was amazing. This was the third time using my Aneros, but the first chance I really had to relax and not rush the experience. I took a hot bath to relax and cleaned myself with several enemas. I inserted my helix while…

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