• Further Journey

    I've had numerous sessions since my last entry, with varying degrees of "success". Let me start out by saying that all of the sessions have been pleasurable, and I really enjoy having my helix inside of me.
    After the success of my MMO session, I couldn't wait to have more. In my next session I had the leg/body shaking feelings, but I just couldn't get off with dry orgasms. It felt great, but after the my last experience I was disappointed. I had a few more sessions where I couldn't even get this feeling again which really scared me that I wasn't going to achieve the MMO's again! I do have to say these were short and rushed.
    After these sessions, I continued to wear my aneros for various periods while doing daily activity and I love the full feeling and pleasant feelings it creates. Last Friday night I had more time to enjoy a long session, and I got my MMO's again! I agree with other bloggers that you just have to relax, take your time, and let the pleasure take over. I started out on my stomach which felt good and got me primed for my back with my feet flat on the bed while I watched some porn. My nipples are definitely a source of pleasure to me, but I teased myself by not touching them yet. I then put a pillow under my butt and started to touch my nipples. This really got me going. I then stretched my legs out and squeezed them together. This started the magic! My MMO's shook my body, and it felt like I was cumming, but only leaking. It felt so good and I totally lost track of time and how many times I dry-came! I slept with the aneros inside and I know in the twilight of my sleep I had more pleasurable feelings, but no dry cumming.
    I am addicted to my aneros and think about when I can inset it again all day! I look forward to more adventures!

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