• Breakthrough

    I was excited to write this entry! After my early success, I've been disappointed lately because I haven't been able to reach MMO's and Super O's. My sessions are always nice and enjoyable, but I just couldn't get that over the top experience for about the last month.
    Last night though, I made a huge step in my journey to rewiring! I had my first Aneros-less experience. I had played with my Helix Syn the night before and wore it while having sex with my wife for a huge explosion. I also knew I'd be playing with it on Friday night, so I didn't do anything last night. I was lying in bed on my left side with my right leg bent talking to my wife while she read a book. All of a sudden I could feel something inside. I half consciously started thinking about the feeling and making contractions. It felt so good and I could "feel" my prostate like my aneros was touching it. I got rock hard and I was on the verge of a dry orgasm, but I made the mistake of moving my body pillow! I can't wait to insert my Helix tonight!

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