• Overnight

    After my last two sessions with my progasm ice, I was eager to see if there would be any changes with my syn. I lubed up and inserted for an overnight session. That's one thing I cannot do with the Ice. It felt good going in, and as usual it felt very good as I walked around and up-and-down the stairs during normal activities. I fell asleep with it in me and twice during the night I felt the stirrings and movements that turned into Super-O's! I have slept with the syn numerous times, but this is the first time I've reached Super-O during sleep! It was very exciting, but I had to temper my enjoyment so that I didn't wake my wife who was sleeping next to me.
    Although this was very pleasurable, and it was during sleep, I don't think my syn will ever give me the body-racking, convulsive Super-O's that the Ice gives me. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong.

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