• What led me to Aneros? Today's session, 10/9/17 ; An Aless that won't quit!

    Hi guys,
    Late this morning towards the noon hour, @Turnrow referred me to the delights of penis sensitivity for most boys in their hormonally laden puberty and adolescence. That was a highly evocative statement for me. Like most boys, when I entered puberty, I noticed my genitals enlarging along with growth spurts in my body and my first sprouting of my pubic hair. I noticed also delicious erections in my penis that wouldn’t quit.
    But what did it for me was seeing my dad’s jockstrap for the first time at age eleven. My mother had laundered it and hung up above the bathtub to dry at home. It was already dry when I tried it on for the first time. Of course, it was much too large to fit me. However, I instinctively knew that its way outsized jock pouch covered my privates, but was mystified that it had no seat like boxers and briefs for men and boys.
    A year or so later I entered seventh grade and had to take PE. Coach Knox, who was in his early sixties and a kind gym teacher, announced to us boys on the first day of gym class announced to us was that our school would supply us each with a T-shirt and gym shorts. Each of us were responsible for getting sneakers and an athletic supporter. So after school that day, I went to the drugstore in our town center to purchase a jockstrap. The druggist sized me up and sold me a Johnson and Johnson Coach athletic supporter in boys size. On the box that it came in was a drawing of a mostly naked man wearing nothing but a jockstrap. I instantly got a rock hard boner in my chinos. I was so turned on that my adolescent penis oozed precum.
    I rushed home to try it on for the first time in my bedroom. The jock fit me perfectly, but I had to rearrange my throbbing erection in the twelve o’clock position with my oozing glans scrunched against the jock waistband. It was definitely a sexual awakening for me. I developed an instant jockstrap fetish which later included athletic cups. I also began to replicate those sweet sensations in my cock by touching and teasing myself in my glans and cockshaft. Soon afterward, the touching and teasing of my manhood graduated toward stroking and ultimately the masturbatory grip. This sexual awakening began in September 1963 with gym class and wearing my jock. Seven months later in April 1964, it culminated in my first masturbation to a shattering climax with ejaculation which happened by surprise.
    I became a devoted masturbator through that surprise discovery. From my teens, I had masturbated three times a week into my fifties. Then frequency of sessions dropped off quickly as I reached age 60. By that time I was working a stressful job which ended with my firing at age 61. The job was a poor fit to begin with and so it ended badly. The trauma of job loss had a disastrous effect on my sexual libido. When I recovered from its shock, I had adjusted to retired life and masturbation frequency maybe once or twice a month. Also I had seldom any rock hard erections. I had become essential impotent.
    Early in my retirement I joined to two adult sexual social networks on the Net. One was Bateworld. While I enjoyed that site, I was not happy at my sexual impotence. Nine months into my retirement, I met a guy on Bateworld who told me about the Kegel Exercises and the Aneros. His suggestions towards the restoration of my sexual practice appealed to me very much.
    Towards the end of year 2011, I purchased my first Aneros devices. They were Helix Classic, MGX, and Progasm Classic. I felt intimidated by their size. It was only after getting Helix Syn in late March 2012 that opened a way toward starting an Aneros regimen. I had my maiden session with Helix Syn on the evening of June 3, 2012, a Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised that I could have Aneros sessions. But it was until I got Aneros Tempo in late November 2013 that I began to experience Aneros pleasure in my sessions. Later on I experienced first true Super O’s and MMO’s on September 16, 2016. Since then all my Aneros sessions have been really good. Fortunately however I very seldom have dud sessions now.
    Early this morning just after 5 a.m. I had my now customary Aneros “full court press” session with Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE! As always, it was a great session with quite many Kegels and diddling my nipples. I experienced much Aneros pleasure. As always, I came away with Aless that would not quit. My Aless is still going strong at 6 o’clock in the evening! Since today we are observing the Columbus Day holiday, my apartment building was quiet. I spent much of the day composing an important e-mail. But I also exulted in occasional Kegels and diddling my nipples and reveled how this attention interacted with my Aless. Aneros and Aless demonstrate time and time again now that my body and male conscious are in combination a well-toned instrument.
    Another thing about my Aneros regimen is that from the beginning of my Aneros journey I have observed strictly the “Penis Not” or “Hands off Penis” when working with Aneros. Like @goldenboy, I seldom masturbate now. But when I do, I have the most powerful and sweetest orgasms, and most copiously creamy ejaculations of semen. It is so wonderful! Take care!
    Update no. 1 at 9 p.m. Monday evening: All day today ever since my amazing session early this morning I have been having an Aless that won’t quit! Because of the general quiet of the Columbus Day holiday today, my apartment building has been peaceful. I have the luxury of monitoring and working with my Aless in a most vital way. Generally my well-exercised prostate and bunghole are quivering. Also I have been at the PONR, my cum ready to shoot in ejaculation all the while from masturbating myself. Yet I have been nursing my Aless with occasional Kegels and caressing my hairy pecs and diddling my nipples covered by my soft Under Armour long sleeve shirt. It is all so sweet!


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      10/10/2017at9:20 pm

      Hello Mushroom Man/Glans DC
      I tremendously enjoyed your historic rise to ecstacy in your teen years and your sixties. I too was turned on by my jockstrap and can remember being hard as a rock in it when I first put it on and then masturbating that hard rock erection as a boy.
      So sorry about your job firing. But, it seems you have turned your senior years into pleasure that you cant contain. Question: Had you had dry Os before you eventually ejaculated………and why was the wet ejaculation a surprise? I guess I was green to dry ejaculations because the first time my cousin told me at age 13 that jacking produced white stuff, I unloaded many many spurts of semen on my first try. I felt that heaven had kissed earth and that there was even something spiritual in orgasms. I still do think that.
      You mentioned impotence bro and I am somewhat there, especially with my wife in intercourse without the PDE5 drugs after a heart attack two years ago at age 68. Can you bring me up to date either here or in a PM on how the aneros has affected your erectile health for the better? What about night time and spontaneous hards? Any of those???
      I tremendously enjoy all your blog posts. Keep posting for other senior guys who need hope.

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      10/10/2017at10:32 pm

      @BigGlansDC I share @Turnrow’s enthusiasm for your blog posts. It is refreshing and comforting to know your writing is straightforward and honest. Keep up the good work you do to inspire all of us.

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      10/11/2017at12:51 pm

      Hi @BigGlansDC, great write-up! I too am interested in the answers to the questions asked by @Turnrow as his situation is similar to mine except without the heart attack and PDE5.
      Another senior.

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      10/14/2017at2:16 pm

      @Turnow, I am sorry that you suffered a heart attack two years ago. I am glad that you can have intercourse without taking PDE5 drugs.
      As for myself, working with Aneros has restored in me in great measure my sexual potency although I do not have rockhard erections of my adolescence and early adulthood. Yes, now I do have night time erections often.
      I did not have any dry O’s in my early years leading up to my adolescence. It is known that precious boys do experience dry O’s as early as age eight or younger. They were fortunate to have discovered them themselves or had someone show them how do it.
      @goldenboy and @GGringo, thank you for being good buddies when it comes to the Aneros. @goldenboy, I thank you for your prolific and inspirational blog entries.

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