• Thanksgiving morning session, November 24 : Athletic cups on my mind!

    Hi guys,
    I am typing the blog entry in the 7 o’clock hour on Thanksgiving morning, 1.5 hours since the conclusion of my session which concluded at 6 a.m.
    Last night before going to bed around 11 p.m., I glanced at @Goldenboy’s blog entry of a sexual session he had with an athletic cup. I think his session was a combination of his Aless with masturbation.
    I woke up around 3 a.m. and listened to both the BBC and an evangelical radio station which had a focus on giving thanks on Thanksgiving. At 4:15, I turned off the radio and then attempted some sleep along some foreplay and stroking my penis which already was oozing copious precum. Actually I was reveling upon my adolescent years when a jockstrap was a mandatory part of our gym uniform for PE class which occurred three times a week during the school year.
    In the 1950’s and 60’s, you could order athletic equipment and clothing from Montgomery Ward’s and Sear’s catalogs which many households received in the mail through the USPS. In eighth grade, I saw in them offerings of jocks and cups. I knew I just had to get one!
    My session began a little after 5:15 a.m. and ended at 6 a.m., about 45 minutes. I used in the following order: MGX, Progasm ICE, and Maximus. This morning I focused on the massage movement of each of these models in me. While this was happened, I jacked gently my dick and observed how this action affected each of these models in me. The sensation that occurs in both intense and sweet!
    After cleaning up after the session, and then bathing, shaving, and dressing for the day, I decided to wear a Champion jock and cup which is manufactured in Taiwan. The cup itself is the banana variety with a thick gasket for comfort and small enough to hold your junk firmly yet comfortably. The cup jock is a conventional jock with tunnel cotton pouch for comfort with metal snaps to secure the cup. When I wear a jock and cup, I generally wear my penis up in the twelve o’clock position. Wearing your dick down can be downright uncomfortable should you get an erection.
    Athletic cups as I know them now originated about 1905, first for baseball catchers and pitchers, and then for boxers. They also became current in ice hockey and later for lacrosse. In following decades, coaches began requiring boys to wear cups for baseball and football. However, NFL players shunned them because cups impeded freedom of movement. Until the 1980’s, traditional triangular flat cups were made which didn’t fit a guy’s genital area and hence were uncomfortable to wear. Then in the 1980’s banana cups were made, first the Original Banana Cup, then the BIKE CUP no. 80, Shock Doctor, and other brands. They had much room a guy’s junk and were contoured in shape (hence banana cup) to fit comfortably and firmly from a guy’s glans meatus to his perineum under his scrotum. The Nutty Buddy Cup, designed by MLB legend Mark Littell, has the banana cup design with dual chambers to fit a guy’s testicles. Littell suggests that you first put on compression shorts or boxer brief, then an ordinary jockstrap, and finally place the Nutty Buddy in the jock pouch. Not only is this three-piece arrangement is comfortable, but the Nutty Buddy Cup “floats.”
    While typing this blog entry, Aless has felt so sweet in my Champion jock and cup. Also Kegeling has been awesome! Take care, with chairgasms happening and many more on the way!

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