• My morning routine to collect energy from heaven and earth to nourish my body and soul, sometimes leading to Aless sessions

    Answering a recent post on the forum it came to my mind to share my morning routine in my blog, too. Perhaps one or the other would like to try my Qi Gong exercises, I fill up my body and soul energy with every morning. I learned them from a Qi Gong Master some years ago, but I forgot its name. It consists of five active parts followed by two very short meditations.
    0) Stand upright, legs a little more than shoulder-width apart, arms hanging down loose on each side
    1 to 5) Do each of these circles eight times, during the first two parts bend at your knees to support the motion.
    1) Bring together your hands in front of your pelvis, palms upwards and right hand lying in your left hand, now raise both hands in front of you, let the hands follow a line as if you were swimming and turn your palms downwards as if to fly but focus on catching as much energy from the universe as your hands can collect while you are describing the outlines of a heart, bringing both hands in front of your belly where you put all this collected energy before you start the next circle.
    2) Start the same motion in an opposite direction, beginning with both arms hanging loose on each side, then turning your palms to the front and then to each side, this time collecting as much energy from the earth and bringing it (describing the outlines of a heart) in a white bow upwards and in front of you down to your belly again – like you would try to make yourself as wet as possible standing in water up to your belly. Put the energy in front of your belly, before you start the next circle.
    3) Visualize and hold that ball of energy you just collected from Heaven and Earth in your open palms, your right hand lying in your left hand, now, while leaving enough space for your energy ball, turn your palms to your belly and describe a circle in front of your belly moving over your navel, your hips and your genitals, supplying all this parts with energy.
    4) Beginning like in part three you now move your energy ball upwards to your forehead across all your internal organs supplying them with energy and down to your balls again and back to your belly for one circle.
    5) Beginning like in part three and four you now move your energy – split up in two balls – around your hips to your kidneys and back to your belly supplying these parts with energy, too.
    6) Come to a rest with this ball of energy in your open palms in front of your belly, your right hand lying in your left hand, breath in and breath out, counting to eight,
    7) Now leave that ball of energy there in front of your belly and let your hands sink down until they hang loose again on both sides. Focus on your energy ball and let it become part of your belly, feel it spreading through your whole body while you breath in and out, counting to eight.
    8) Not being part of the properly Qi Gong routine I now lead parts of my energy ball’s vibes to my gland, awaking it to take part and to interact with my collected and spread energy. Thus I feel my gland spreading orgasmic vibes through my body, making me do silly hip and pelvis movements, bending at my knees, while my nipples and penis come to full erection. Finally it leads to a full body orgasm while my cock is rock hard and dripping first drops of precum.
    Sometimes I jump on my bed afterwards to have some fine Aless, sometimes I do another exercise at the open window taking ten deep breathes to drag the energy from the earth through the soles of my feet and up my whole body visualizing my body as a bottle being filled up with ten percent of energy by each breath, finally doing two more breaths to let the energy spill over.
    This is how I love to start my day. Btw, I love to do my exercises naked with my window wide open and to slightly stroke my nipples during part four. Have fun!
    Though it’s truly helpfull to focus on breathing and it’s also helpful to focus on your belly as one of your chakras, you, too, can focus on your gland and your nipples instead. I’d say the orgasm always starts in the brain.
    Today I did so when doing my morning routine. I already did so some more times, but this time I started only looking at my nipples in the mirror. And it flashed me when I noticed them becoming erect while only looking and not yet focusing on them. Seeing my nipples growing and protrusioning made me extremely horny. Now I focused on them and on my gland and a wonderful standingasm started.
    Good vibes to you all!

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      11/03/2017at2:48 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros, Qi gong, I believe, is a time-honored exercise and meditation regimen popular in the People’s Republic China. It is a daily discipline that I would like to adopt. However, while I have healed from a broken right hip sustained last January, I do not think do it. I am glad that Qi qong has worked well with your Aneros sessions.

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