• Friday morning session, November 4 : Luminous genital energy and sweet chairgasms

    Hi guys,
    I do not want to say that I have become addicted to Aneros of late, but these days I have been having daily Aneros sessions. Generally they last at most 45 minutes to an hour.
    This morning I spent about 45 minutes with Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, and Maximus, my good buddy with whom I jacked off yesterday morning in a Super-T. Eupho Classic and Helix Classic may be smaller Aneros models in comparison with the larger Maximus and Progasm models, but they are just as effective in delivering Aneros pleasure all the same. It is gratifying to use subtle anal contractions and calm rhythmic breathing to activate these three models. It is even more wonderful to relax, sit back, and observe how they operate on you. While I thought this morning’s session was supremely good, it seemed rather routine, or so I thought.
    After cleaning up after the session and putting my Aneros tools away, and dressing for the day, I sat before my PC to relax a bit. Very sweet Aless began. It was/is luminous genital energy. I feel it localized in my balls, but also at my cock root. I love it as I kegel a bit and that revves up this energy into something very sweet as it travels or rather surges from my cock root up the length of my dick and ends up in my Glans where it tingles so sweetly. Then it travels down to its source. Also I notice its wavelike motion of this exquisite energy!
    STARR831, a good buddy from Maine and a more experienced Aneros, has noticed this sexual energy in his Aless as well.
    We connected in Aneros chat Friday a couple weeks ago as we both were having series of chairgasms when he pointed all this out to me!
    Now I have another chairgasm coming on. Take care!
    Update at 9:17 p.m. This luminous energy in my genitals in Aless and also numerous chairgasms has continued throughout today despite the inane news reports I heard about the upcoming U.S. national election on Tuesday.


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      11/05/2016at2:04 pm

      @BigGlansDC you hit the nail on the head for me; I admit, I am addicted to Aneros and everything revolving around it. I will write a blog about it.
      I like the way you describe your day; it’s like a peek in someone else’s day.

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      11/05/2016at4:04 pm

      @GGringo, I am a retired, confirmed bachelor with no family commitments whatsoever. My life would be vastly different if I were still working trying to pursue a career or being a breadwinner as a family man with wife and children.
      I must confess to you and other readers of this blog that of late, I have used my Aneros sessions and Aless to sooth myself in a most contentious election cycle here in the USA. I find that the Aneros and Aless has widened greatly my experience as a man here in the USA.
      As regards sexual addictions, they are sexual practices or routines that disrupt one’s daily life or even more importantly family and work relationships. Fortunately the Aneros Wiki does discuss such and where to get professional help.

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