• Fourth session – some lessons learned

    I tried for another quickie session )30 min( like yesterday, but it wasn't quite fantastic. I did learn some things, though, so I call it a success.
    First, after a long, hot bath to relax, I inserted the lubed Helix. Drips of pre-cum for the first time. Just a few drips, but all I did was insert the Helix. No erection, just an electric feeling emanating from my groin and drips of pre-cum. This is new; something's changing in me.
    Second, the whole-body contractions weren't nearly as strong or long-lasting as yesterday, and I stopped after about 10 minutes. I felt weak. Which leads to my theory – I'm thinking that the prostate glow I feel after a session is analogous to the muscle feeling you get from weight training. We're exercising muscles, and the underused muscles are just getting sore. They get weak and tired, so they need time to recover, just like with a barbell. This was the 3rd session in 3 days, so maybe my muscles got overworked yesterday. It's my theory at least. I should allow more recovery time between sessions.
    Anyway, I stopped the session, but left the Helix in and went about my normal business of cleaning the kitchen, etc., for about 30 min, just to get used to it inside me. While the Helix was not arousing, walking around my home nude with a toy up my lubed ass was. I masturbated, but again didn't notice anything different about the quantity or quality of the ejaculate.
    I don't anticipate any privacy for a week at the earliest, so my future holds some enforced PC rest. I'll try to keep up with Kegel's.

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      06/01/2015at6:07 pm

      Thanks for sharing. I just got my first Aneros )Progasm Jr.( and I've found your blogs very informative.

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