• Third session – a quickie

    Wow! What a difference a day makes!
    After the disappointment of my 2nd session, I wanted to give myself some time before I tried again. But my anus had different ideas. The prostate soreness that I had experienced during the 2nd session was completely gone, and in fact it was feeling pretty good. My anus wanted, nay, it demanded something to fill it, NOW! So we compromised; a short session of only 30 minutes on the very next day after the frustrating and long 2nd session.
    Expectations – 30-minute time limit; hands-off )like every other session(; quick and dirty; start with voluntary contractions and then back off
    TSLE – about 8 days
    The only difference in preparation between this session and the previous session was that this time I didn't inject any glycerin-based lube.
    After bowel movement, enema, and insertion of the Helix, I went straight to a 4-on-the-floor position; on knees and elbows, head down, ass up. I considered that by waiting/relaxing I was letting my arm tremor start to dominate my attention. So, after a few deep breaths, I start slow-rolling sphincter/PC contractions. Bingo! – instant perineal contractions progressing to full-body involuntary contractions, lasting 10-12 minutes. Again, I just observed, watched the spasms grow, recede, and return spontaneously. Purely involuntary. It was awesome. The spasms would recede until they were just in my groin, and then the sphincter/PC involuntary contractions would escalate, amplifying each other, until they set off another round of full-body contractions. Is this auto-f*cking? A definite pre-cum feeling, but without an erection or any actual pre-cum.
    After the first set, I let it go, rested a bit, and then induced it again. Again, it lasted 10-12 minutes. The involuntary contraction in my arm just sort of blended in the involuntary contractions everywhere else. So it wasn't a problem.
    I rested for a few minutes, trying some nipple stimulation, but it didn't feel particularly electric. I guess I'm not in the right state yet.
    I induced involuntary contractions one more time )it felt so nice(, so the whole session ended up being about 40 minutes. No masturbation. No erection.
    No prostate pain or anal pain at all. The whole experience was relaxing and energizing. Afterwards, my prostrate and anus continued to feel great! Even hours later. Close to the feeling right before the point of no return in an ejaculatory orgasm. Even if it doesn't get any better than this, then I'm still in; this is really nice.
    That night, I awoke with a hard erection that lasted for a long time )at least it was there every time I woke up(. This seems to be a trend.
    I'll try something similar this afternoon.
    Next session – another 30-minute quickie

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      04/18/2015at11:35 am

      Good for you! You figured out how to use the temors to your advantage ror at least, not get in the way. I like your rolling sphincter to PC contractions technique. That took me lots of practice to master. You seem to be one of the "different" guys who gets involuntaries from voluntary contractions. There are lots of us "different" guys here :(

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