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**Contest Entries Continued**

What does ANEROS mean to me. You can express it in 2 words: HEALTHY PLEASURE!

It is nice to know that a product that gives you pleasure is also extremely good for you!

Submitted By: nycpurple

I suffer from ED. Aside from the obvious I fell less than each day. No erection means no regular sex, ejaculations are possible but extremely difficult. My wife has not wanted to touch me or me her for 8 years and 2 months. That's the total time I've had ED. We have used toys before but only for her. I'm willing to try and so is she. When you can't please your wife and you can't get that relief it builds on you. I want her to see me as a man again, as long as ED is here well I don't know. If we could get our sex life back it would go a long way to restoring our relationship, we have drifted apart in these 8yrs. We are in counseling, and trying to repair. Because I can't have ejaculations anymore I feel unmanly, I've read up on prostate massage and it seems that my last chance, pills don't work. Back surgery fixed my back somewhat but damage to nerves not fixable. Please help me get my manhood and some enjoyment back. Thank you. Blessings! Greg.

Submitted By: GE

Firstly, going backwards in time, when I was very young <10yrs old, I was sexually abused by another boy, yet growing up a straight male I had a very hard time dealing with this so I compensated by learning to stick items in my anus to justify my emotions. Now to the caveat to when I got the inkling to start using your products, back in 2009 I suffered from a severe injury to my perineum while skateboarding, and to save you the long story and the gory details, my shit got messed up. It was brought to my attention that a prostate massager may help flush the area. After trial and error with dildos and but plugs, two genres I did not enjoy because they reminded me of something I didn't really enjoy, I invested in the started kit in 2012. By that time my pelvic floor was almost totally inactive, I had little to no control over it. It wasn't until invested in the Peridise 4 pack that I really began to train and gain strength and sensation back. I graduated to the Progasm in no time. Needless to say the product have helped me 100% and also shattered any taboo in regard to anal work/stimulation. I still practice weekly and the pleasure is a treat as well. I've included a picture of my set so you know I'm not joshing you. I would've included photos of my accident but we never went as far as taking photos, the pain and discoloration was enough for me at the time.

Submitted By: aneros_user84945

My relationship with my many aneros models is very much like my marriage. At first it was new and exciting much like dating. Now, after many years I have a much deeper relationship like the love I feel for my wife. I enjoy my alone sessions but also enjoy on a deeper level my aneros usage during sex with my wife. Discovering aneros massagers has led me to a newfound feelings and understanding of my prostrate and all the pleasure that lies within.

Submitted By: thhn

To me, the Aneros-Experience changed (and means) three things:

  • it took the pressure out of sex,
  • it carried me to new, unknown heights and
  • it eventually helped me to emancipate myself sexually.

No Pressure anymore:

In the past, I got very envy on and frustrated from the orgasmic capabilities of my female partners. They could go on and on and I did my best to give them all the attention they needed. I spend hours to satisfy their needs, just to be totally spend myself after like 2 mins of attention dedicated to me. That didn’t seem fair to me. The pressure to hold back in order to be a good lover was killing me. I didn’t want to hold back anymore. I wanted that multiorgasmic experience too!

The Aneros teached me to perceive sexuality from the female point of view: slow, receiving, powerfull, ongoing and with immense emotional release and relief. With this (new “female”) arousal-curve, I am now able to get fully in sync with my partner. There is no holding back anymore, no repression of arousal, no timing problems. Just a constant and mutual flow of arousal. And lots of orgams. 🙂

New heights:

Super-O’s are a downright spritual experience. Beside being very satisfying, they changed my view on my body and the whole world. It’s like I gained a new level of perception. I gained acces to meditation and trance-states through my Aneros-Sessions and since I had my first Super-O a year ago, I feel like an urban yogi, like a monk who found sexual enlightenment. I feel a deep confidence wherever I go and whatever I do. It’s like I gained a super-power. 🙂

Sexual Emancipation:

I feel emancipated because sex with a partner lost it’s meaning as “the real thing”. I am not needy anymore, because I now have access to a kind of pleasure, that nobody else on earth could give me but me. Women don’t withhold the holy grail of sexual fulfillment from me anymore, because I have it all in me now (pun not intended). They are no longer the kind of gatekeeper, who guards the candystore and only lets me in, if I’m being extra nice. There is no power divide anymore - there is only sharing. Sharing of pleasure with a partner that actually wants to be with me and doesn’t just give in to my begging because I’m needy. That is a huge liberation - for everyone.

Submitted By: Unfug

What does Aneros mean to me? Well it does mean a many things! First of all, you have this powerful community, which shares its thoughts about the human sexuality and its body. You learn so much in the intended forum, the wiki and the blogs where you read all the experience from people of all sexualities. Therefore there are so many perspectives, which make "Aneros" so unique. And then there are the devices of course, which turn out to be the most important part. They are designed to give us pleasure, but not only that. If you are in this journey for a while and you are a witness of the usage, then you really can feel the difference. You feel all in all healthier, you are more awake, happier, but not only that you really feel the prostate and you are conscious about it. Some say that the prostate is the second heart of the man and I urgently agree with that, because after the very first insertion, when the prostate is awake, while or after a session and then forever ongoing you can feel that it wants something from you, you can feel the pulsating, the twitching, the itching, the turning. And then it wants to give you something back. Feelings that are so incredible that can only barely be described. Aneros really helps to let the prostate give you these feelings. Aneros leaves you thinking about the male anatomy and it changes your brain for the better. Aneros is a wonderful aggregation of pleasure, health and understanding. Full of human assumptions and research and results. That is what makes it so exciting and fascinating and infinite. At Aneros you can learn about your body and give your own view. You can learn to go beyond frustration and just enjoy what the moment gives to you. You will learn that there is more in human nature than most of today´s conventions. You will wonder how this wonderful journey originated. At Aneros you can compare notes with others on all aspects of human sexuality more openly than anywhere else. All that is what Aneros means to me! It is precious!

Submitted By: healingpleasure

In brief Aneros has meant a great deal to me and my partner.

Using the Aneros (Helix Syn) I have been able to better understand my body, how it responds and how to strengthen my pelvis.

Understanding and being able to feel my body, pelvis and prostate is to put in bluntly, pleasurable and my erections, responsiveness and orgasms have improved which is fantastic for a man in his 50s.

More than that though being attuned to my body has made me a better lover, happy to focus on my partner because I can better control my own physical responsiveness and I am less focused on my orgasm and able to work with my partner when making love. Our relationship has grown. Finally I thought the prostate orgasm was a myth until I experienced one, it was unforgettable and like an out of body experience.

All of this from a relatively small, comfortable but perfectly designed little device.

Submitted By: viperaus

Aneros has brought new and exciting ways into erotic play into my life. As a confirmed bachelor who happens to be gay, Aneros introduced me to anal eroticism focused on the prostate. Previously I had focused upon my genitals, specifically upon the masturbation of my penis. When my prostate began to awaken three weeks into my Aneros journey, my body even my conscious also began to open up as well. I discovered my erogenous zones as areas for sexual and erotic stimulation at age 62. I never had such an awakening when I discovered masturbation in its glory at age 13/14. And I had no sexual partner to show me this way of eroticism ever before!

I began my retirement early at age 61. So I have a lot of time on my hands to have regular Aneros sessions, usually three to four sessions a week, sometimes less. So early in my Aneros journey, I discovered health benefits of Aneros not only for my prostate and general genital apparatus, but also for my overall health as well. My sessions help me ameliorate the effects of aging. Aneros has facilitated my Kegel and breathing exercises which tend to be gentle and subtle, but extremely powerful.

Finally a major spin off of my sessions one month after my Aneros initiation is the arrival of Aless or Anerosless benefits in all their erotic sweetness and powerful. For a long time, I can shape my Aless through both the Kegels and Reverse Kegels of varying intensity and subtlety, or through calm breathing and focus, or even more so by just thinking about my Aneros models and what they do for me, and induce varying orgasms if I want to. It is so wonderful and sweet what Aneros has done for me as a man!

Submitted By: BigGlansDC

To me, Aneros is the secret part of my life that nobody would ever even dream I was linked to in any way. I started using Aneros about a year ago with the Programs Classic. At first, I found it bizarre to be inserting objects into my rectum. After discovering the feelings with which it could provide me, though, I immediately loved the product. Now, I am in search of new Aneros products; mainly the Helix and Eupho Classics. I want to experience the smaller, more mobile models, and see how delightfully distinct they are with respect to the progasm. All in all, Aneros represents the feel-good moments of my week in which I can rest at ease, knowing that the best part of my life is also my best kept secret.

Submitted By: TM



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