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**Contest Entries Continued**

Aneros means I am safe and ready, I have used the Aneros to stimulate my prostate to know the good feelings it gives me where no one has ever been. Rubbing up against that most tender spot deep within my furry body where the best feelings are hidden. That Aneros device is clean and safe. I have seen the internet pictures and video clips of guys getting the real human hard cock stuffed up against their prostate, and the expressions on their faces shows the kind of emotion I only have dreamed of, and now can begin to solve my curiosity and find out for myself in an environment where I can keep myself safe as well as satisfied. Thank you for opening this door to me, so that I can progress at my own pace to find the kind of sexuality experience that will make my life more interesting and exciting. Once I got the knack of the Aneros, I find I want more and more so that I am already planning to get ready for whatever size my hopeful lover will present me with, and I will enjoy even more the life given to me.

Submitted By: Sam

The very name strikes a light Orgasm tremor within me and, can bring on a semi erection in my briefs. Like a God it has the power to take my body on a journey that goes beyond all sexual desire. It takes control and will administer its duty in the most sensual way. OMG? yes Aneros will bring that from you!. Add a LOUD one when you hit that Super O! Your body is totally out-of -control. Aneros has the upper hand as it massages your prostrate and builds up in breath taking stages to that all explosive Super O - that will uncontrollably make you scream, shake your whole body, almost take all your breath away, and contort your face! Aneros has the power to do this in the most sexuallly, blissfully way that only it knows how! Super O's can and will repeat themselves so - just when you are elated from one another will hit, and another. Its Aneros over mind and body. Try and take control when Aneros is doing its thing. Aneros will always win out . You are the slave it is Master! While Aneros is doing its thing add-in your sexual thoughts - its fuel to the fire! This is what Aneros means to me!

Submitted By: ducter

What does Aneros mean to me? Aneros means knowledge, fun and freedom not only of body but of mind as well.

It means exploration of my own body and mind like never before. It not only brings pleasure but relaxation as well.

I have learned more about my body and mind and sexualety than ever before since discovering Aneros over a year ago.

The journey which it takes you is incredible and also rewarding. I couldn't be happier for discovering this product. Thank you Aneros for your ingenuity and support! Aneros can change your life in more ways than one, health and pleasure and knowledge are irreplaceable.

Submitted By: mypleasuerz87

Since purchasing my first Aneros prostate massager in 2008, it's no understatement to say that these gizmos have changed my life! The various Aneros models are a lot of fun as sex toys - that is well-known amongst Aneros fans far and wide. What I didn't expect, however, is how thoroughly these massagers have changed my own approach to sex and how a man's body functions du ring arousal. Training on the Aneros has made me realize that the prostate is as vital a sex organ as the penis (who knew?). That unexpectedly profound revelation, introduced by our little plastic buddies made by Aneros, has allowed me to reach incredible heights of erotic pleasure.

Submitted By: Matt1008

A fellow aneroser messaged me today and made some nice comments and ask some questions. Thought if I posted a little about me and my intentions here, it might make my posting easier to understand.

I just turned 52 not that I feel like it.She's right behind me. I am very blessed to have loving wife that is sexual & playful and concerned about my pleasure.

She loves seeing me in ecstasy and helping me get there. We are both enjoying this experience and she has been there every step of the way.

She's the one that actually asked me if I wanted to experiment with this.

My answer is obvious.

I do the blog because I want to share. Hell I want to shout it from the rooftops. I want others to know and learn, I want others to experience ! Can't believe I waited so long to try this.

I believe she enjoys it with me as she knows how to enjoy her own pleasures herself. She also shares them with me. Whether it is her Rabbit, my tongue, my finger, her fingers or my cock. We are very open sexually and adore being intimate with each other.

Our sex life has been a dream for a long time but we are only a little over a month into this new adventure. Tho the Vice is not part of every session, however usually fantastic blowjob and mutual masturbation are.

She benefits from the new ride as well as I've noticed stronger, firmer erections and we are constantly turned on with the new adventures.

We are empty nesters too. Think that helps allot!

We are very open with communications. She told me the other night how much it turned her on to see me vulnerable, under her control if you will. I think that feeling turns me on as well. It brings a closeness between us and tears down any inhibitions for both of us. It is a testimony of our trust.

We are constantly smiling with each other when we are around others because we share this secret.

That's another reason I post here. People need to know how euphoric this experience can be and you can't exactly bring it up at work

Sometimes I think my writings are too erotic, however that's how the experience is for us and I am trying to give the best visual possible.

Took a nice hot shower.Got relaxed.Got about a 20 minute head start with the Vice. Having many mini Os. I open my eyes to watch her come out of our suite's ( at our home) master bath in a short white robe. her hair still wet from the shower.... Very sexy !! She opened her robe and laid beside me sharing my experience. She caressed and teased me to the point of many internal / no ejaculation orgasms...over and over ! At least 20 ! It was fantastic ! Once she got involved , the eroticism went from 1- 100% !

She teased me lightly with her fingertips. Ever grazing over my cock and scotum. My cock hardens with her touch. She dips her fingers in the coconut oil and dribbles it on my cock. She wraps her fingers around me and lovingly strokes me up and down. Her soft hands make me squeal with desire. I raise my hips up off the bed and thrust into her hand. The Vice is burning my prostate as I buck and air fuck her sweet hand. She pushes and tugs on the Vice with her other hand causing me to moan and buck harder. The mini Os keep coming over and over as she kisses me and enjoys them with me. My feet are flat on the bed as the Vice thrust in and out of me, matching her strokes. I continue to cum inside over and over again. Moaning and in euphoric ecstasy.

She stops stroking and I take over as she turns her attention to her Rabbit and her own clitoris. She spreads herself with her left hand’s finger to expose her clit for the toy. She teases herself with the nibbling ears just to the left of her hot spot. I see her muscles tighten and breathing become more jagged. She too raises her hip up off the bed to meet her pleasuring tool. It nibbles and teases her as she maneuvers it along her slit. I see her moving it ever so slightly just trying to hit that magic spot, begging to cross over the edge and orgasm. I hear her breathing becoming rapid, almost panting. She thrust herself into the Rabbit and bucks her hips up into it. She cascades over the top and moans in orgasm. He body thrashes as she fucks her toy. She starts to pant again as she throws into another orgasm and another. She goes on for a complete minute of pleasure and orgasms. She looks gorgeous basking in the aftermath as the Rabbit buzzes lying beside her. I am still stroking myself and have had many internal orgasms watching this incredible experience.

I feel the semen climbing up the shaft as I stroke it firmer and quicker. I feel it burning deep inside me and I begin to literally growl with desire. My prostate is pulsing and I am throbbing with excitement. Each stroke it rises closer to the top. I am soaked with a combination of coconut oil and precum. I am thrusting into the air almost out of control with desire. It blast from the tip as I growl like an animal and thrust upward. She caresses me and coaxes me through the ejaculation. It spurts over and over again as the Vice pumps me quickly. It finally stops spurting as I grip myself with cum dripping over my hand and onto my stomach. She comments to me how animalistic that it was and we kiss lovingly.

Submitted By: Awired50

Aneros means a new, interesting, and very exciting way to release your stress,relax, or just have fun. A doorway to a world you never thought existed or to afraid to see, when in reality it's something worth checking out at least once in your life. Something to be AMAZED at!

Submitted By: ardummy410

I have the Aneros MGX, and have used it regularly for the past four or five years. I began to develop chronic prostatitis and had trouble finding any relief besides prescription antibiotics. I decided to look around for other non-drug options and stumbled upon prostate massage. I did my research on prostate massagers and couldn't find any that had better reviews than the Aneros products. It was a little intimidating to start off, so I went with something smaller since I could always upgrade if necessary. I'm so glad I found your product. Not only does it feel great to use, it's very relaxing and seems to help reduce my prostatitis symptoms. I'd encourage anyone who is having similar problems to give it a try.

Submiited By: MB

To me Aneros is much more than a mere sex toy. Aneros means to me what being 'whole' means to me. It is the missing piece with which I transcend the state of normal consciousness. It allows me to reconnect with the being that is really me - pure existence and bliss. It what allows me to see through the illusion, have a peek of the world outside of "the Matrix". And for brief moments be aware of the truth - existence itself. Aneros is not just a synonym for super orgasms or prostate health. It's much, much more than that. It is an aid with which one can have a glimpse beyond the curtain that hides what reality really is. Aneros is the kickstart that sets one on the path - the path to allow oneself fully give up control and reunite with the Universe. When I use my Aneros massagers, the electrifying sensations that run through my body guide me to the state of total surrender. I reach a state where I don't do the breathing, nor do I do the spams, twitches and shakes - they all do me. I lose total control of my body and feel what I was destined to feel: being one with the Universe. Being Love, bliss, happiness. Being one huge orgasm. The only way to describe that feeling is 'right'. Aneros is the key to the gate beyond which everything just feels right, just the way everything was supposed to be in the first place.

Human beings possess an ability that is unique among life forms on Earth: they have the ability to evolve their own consciousness. Humans can transcend the mundane states of consciousness, and become much wiser, developed and complete beings. Through our entire history, we have searched for ways to develop ourselves and evolve. In the past different spiritual paths were invented to achieve just that: different meditation techniques, Tantra, the use of various psychedelic drugs and many more. Today, we humans have created a new path: Aneros; A marvel of modern engineering and scientific research of the human body that makes use of the male anatomical system and sets us on a new path to enlightenment. It creates a path of indescribable pleasures and unbelievable ecstasy which leaves us speechless, trembling naked before the might of our own ability to feel. When one experiences the true potential of an Aneros massager, he is immediately stunned by the unimaginable power of the stream of pleasure. It's impossible to imagine how overwhelming it can be before one experiences that himself. Like being struck by a tsunami of sexual energy, that leaves you completely powerless and out of control. And every time we reach a new level of surrender. Just when we think we have reached the strongest possible orgasm, we are being blasted away by an even stronger one. And every time that happens, it opens our minds a bit more to what is really possible, leaving us only with the words "I had never known".

So in short, to me, Aneros is a means to evolve.

Submitted By: Mars

**To Be Continued in Collection 3**

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