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Very very dispointement (Vice 2)

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I bought the Vice 2 and iam very, very  dispoitment of this product. I read couple of enthusiastic topics about this product. 
The vibrations are so poor, I cant feel almost anything. The Joy button is was a little bit of pleasure.  
For me, I would say. Rethink when you buy it, because it has cost me almost 95 Euro!

Iam not a very newbie with this kind of toys. I prefer much more the Njoy Pure Wand or glass dildo. 

 Only plus points

Remote controller.
It fits, I mean It stays inside
The texture

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Much like the female G-spot and different toys some can and some cant. Sorry to hear the Vice 2 didn't give you the same enjoyment that some of us had. I guess every body and mind is different.

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I just bought the Vice 2 last week and so far have been experiencing some incredible sensations and small orgasms. No Super O yet but I will get there... The vibrations are perfect and my wife loves handling the remote!

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