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Pleasure is not to be believed!!

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I've been using Aneros massagers for about ten years now and have not had any real progress until the last year or so. It's always been enjoyable, hence the ten years, but not to the extent I'm currently experiencing. It's gotten so good that I can't even believe such pleasure is even possible.
I can totally see why anyone would hesitate to give Aneros play a try given how long the journey can be for some people. But if you knew the pleasure that awaits you when you reach "Nirvana", you'd totally make the investment! Of that I can assure you!
All the stories I've read here and elsewhere on the net can all be personally corroborated. The losing of all bodily control, the intense pleasure, the drooling and panting, the wild guttural sounds, the CRYING! The "CRYING"?? Yup, it's that good! It's flat out not to be believed and without a doubt addicting if you're not too careful.
It's only in the last year or so that I've seen this dramatic graduation from pleasantly good feelings with prostate play to the current point of total out-of-control extasy!
In fact, I've seen many posts on Reddit where men have questioned whether or not they have had a Super-O, and I can honestly tell them all collectively that they have NOT. Trust me when I tell you that once you've experienced a Super-O you will have no question in your mind that you've achieved one. It was so freighting the first time that I had one because I wasn't prepared for the INTENSITY, and I started to have a panic attack because I wasn't sure I would survive it. 😁
What pushed me into the stratosphere was using weed along with Aneros use. I've NEVER smoked weed before nor indulged in any other form of THC until I read post after post recommending it along with prostate play. It recently became legal where I live so I decided to wander on over and purchase some edibles and give it a try. The very first-time using edibles along with Aneros play was life changing. After the THC kicked in it seemed like my prostate was finally rewired and it was all due to my new "cheat code". I have dabbled using the Aneros without THC since discovering the combination but have not experienced near the same pleasure without edibles and Aneros together.
I recently took a day off from work just so I could goon for 24 hours while using Aneros with THC and I had one of the most insanely long pleasure rides humanly possible. As wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over me, I was literally talking to myself and repeating over and over that "this can't be real, this can't be real"!!
I've ignored some advice along the way such and controlled breathing, nipple play, the do-nothing approach, etc. But I now realize that these things are all vital during your Aneros journey. These are the "seasoned veterans" among us trying to help the less experienced ones reach the mountain top as well! So, if you're new to prostate play, you'd do well to listen from those with more experience than you as this will no doubt speed up your journey.
Happy riding guys!

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Wow man, fantastic!  It's great that you stuck with it for an entire decade and I'm really happy for you that you were able to finally get there.  It's really encouraging for me as I'm not in Super-O territory yet after 5+ years: here's to persistence!  I admit that I've been curious about THC edibles for helping out with sessions but I think also afraid because I don't want to depend on them to get there.  I'd like it to be a bit more felt out by others (guinea pigs?) first, like how to use THC to awaken your body to the Super-O without subsequently needing them for every session.  I know that there has been some recent discussion about kicking that habit:

I hope you don't think I'm discouraging you but just wanting you to be cautious!  I'm also interested in hearing your perspective on just how (physically) THC has been able to take your sessions to the next level. 

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This all sounds very familiar to me, especially the description of the super-o and mention of THC.  For years, I used alcohol in conjunction with prostate play.  Recent state legalization and proliferation of delta-9 THC products led me to try that. It's sold at the liquor store I frequent, right at the register.  It is superior in every way to alcohol in that it better sensitizes the fun parts. 

Boils down to not having to put as much effort into it when impaired.  I can feel my body doing the same things when sober, it just takes longer for the sensations to peak and they don't get quite as high.  Pun alert!  THC is the best I've found so far, specifically edibles containing delta-9 THC.  Delta-8 may work for some too, though it's psychoactive effects are not as intense as those of 9.  For me, 8 is better for chilling, relaxation, and sleep.  9 is best for, let's just say, orbiting Saturn.  In closing, I agree, the pleasure one experiences when discovering new things like this can be mind-boggling.  As long as I've been doing it, you'd figure I knew everything, but I still don't.

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