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Almost too effective

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I have been experimenting with prostate play and aneros toys for about two years. I mainly use a progasm jr and I must say the results have been life changing. I never knew what it was to "rewire" the prostate until about a year ago, and now it's very much awake. Something about the progasm has really stimulated my prostate months ago during one session. Ever since then my prostate has been on a low simmer every waking moment. I have not yet experienced the so called "chairgasms" that some users report but it's like my prostate is constantly sparking. I have forgotten what its like to not feel my prostate at this point. P-waves are just a part of my life. They aren't very strong, but they are there 90% of the time. My libido my rocketed to astronomic levels, which I heard is a common side effect of successful prostate orgasms.

The only real issue is that my current aneros toy no longer feels sufficient. My prostate is just too hungry for stimulation, using it is of course mind numbingly pleasurable but it makes my prostate just want more. It's honestly a bit frustrating, like I just can't scratch the aching itch.  I might need to upgrade to the full sized progasm! Either way. Very effective products. I'd recommend them to any adult with a prostate.

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