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The Helix Syn Trident with an important addition/feature

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Dear Aneros Product Development Team,

I suggest that you produce an Aneros Trident model. The proposed model would be a Helix Syn Trident with a ribbed stem. It will be entirely silicon Trident model with a large head of Helix Syn with a ribbed stem inspired my MGX. The large silicon head would stimulate the prostate more powerfully and the ribbed stem massage the anal canal. Thank you!

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Thank you BigGlansDC for your input. There has been some interest in bringing back the ribs to be incorporated into other Aneros models recently. We have nothing in production yet. But stay tuned!

Your Aneros Team

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Better yet, how about the MGX ribs on several different models, even/especially the Progasm?  Wearing the MGX while making love to my wife is so wild and violent, that I have to wear micro thongs, that ride behind the scrotum, and the thin portion firmly cradling the MGX so it can't shoot out (which it has).  It makes my orgasms exponentially more intense.

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