What Is Happening?
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What Is Happening?

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  • So, is this a Super-O?

When I play, just touching my perineaum, my insides start you tingle. 

When I touch my anus, I start to cum a little bit. 

When I press my fingers in and out, I cum a little more. 

I keep cumming from in and out anal penetration, and cum more still from touching my prostate. I cum from my knees to my shoulders with two fingers on my prostate, just by holding them there, squeezing even a little. I get the same feelings, or more, when using a glass butt plug and squeezing my butt hole and rectum against it. Cum cum cum! Up to 75 super intense spasms in a row! 

Then I cum some more when my wife touches my bottom or presses her thighs agaist my butt. 

Very intense! Very addictive! This is totally not normal for me. Love it. Love it!
Is this normal?

Is this a Super-O?

Would it be, could it be better, with an Aneros toy? 

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