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New with Progasm Jr: good direction, but some help needed

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Hello, I bought an Aneros Progasm Jr. I read some of the posts here, and also the Wiki.

The first day, I could insert the Aneros quite easily. But the first day I had no pleasure whatsoever from the device (no pain either).

But the next three uses have been much better: I have had waves of pleasure, quite long ones. But I think I have not really reached the Big-O, I think I just need to do something else to go from 95 to 100.

I lay with my back on the bed. The knees are up, my ass and the soles of my feet are on the bed. I watch some porn, and I alternate with a Quickshot.

If I do not do anything, I do not notice anything. But if I push my ass down (towards the bed) I start having good feelings. Also, if I move my hips left to right. So, the key for me is to move my hips down, left and right.

Then, when I reach to the bottom (or to the extreme left, or extreme right) I notice the tip of the Aneros touching what probably is my prostate.

If I move a lot, and fast, the good feelings are faster and a bit more intense. But I have the feeling that they could be more intense. And I am not able to make them more intense (I become tired of moving my hips so fast).

I think there are three possibilities:

- I need to try more times

- I need a bigger Aneros

- I need a vibrating Aneros

Or of course, maybe I am not doing it right. Maybe I need another position?

Thanks in advance, and for this great forum.


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I need to try more times

Yes, very few men have prostate orgasms the first few times they use these devices. Practice, practice, practice! Be adventurous and playful as you try differing techniques. Most men will find their way forward through repeated practice. Please see the thread Identifying Facilitators to Progress.

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I need a bigger Aneros

NO, bigger is not necessarily better, please read The Best Aneros model is... in the Forum, but opinions vary widely.

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I need a vibrating Aneros

NO, while the vibrating models Vice2 & Helix SYN V are well made and useful they can also be almost too intense for newbies to learn with as you might get too focused on the vibrational stimulation to appreciate the more subtle feelings to be generated by your own musculature. IMHO you should get a few prostate orgasms with your Progasm Jr.under your belt before moving to a vibratory model.  

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Or of course, maybe I am not doing it right. Maybe I need another position?

I think it is best to not think in terms of right or wrong; but rather in terms of effectiveness of technique. Trying different body positions is encouraged to find those which are most effective for you, be adventurous, experiment.

Good Vibes to You!

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Have found with my Jr that the best results occur when I contract and hold as I feel that smooth head hook it self inside and feel the P tab engage from the outside! Then as I alternately clench and relax a rocking motion is created which leads into Os and SOs. Best results started after realizing that the head wasn’t inside deep enough!

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I was the same as you where I couldn't seem to reach the full O, I would just get waves. For me what put me over the edge was nipple play. I read that it's a really easy way for a lot of people to get to a super O and for me, it instantly worked. It's not that way for all people, but worth a shot if you haven't tried yet! 

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