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Which do you find more stimulating and powerful? Poll is created on Jan 09, 2024

Poll results: Which do you find more stimulating and powerful?
Voter(s): 3
Poll is created on Jan 09, 2024
MGX Trident  -  votes: 2 / 66.7%
Helix Trident  -  votes: 1 / 33.3%

MGX Trident vs. Helix Trident

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About 10 years ago, I purchased my first Aneros - the MGX.  As I used it more and more (doing kegels, masturbating, or having intercourse with it in), I discovered the heightened stimulation and orgasmic pleasure that users enthusiastically describe.

I don't know how but this MGX got thrown away...never to be found again.  LOL

Within the last year, I decided to purchase another Aneros.  After doing a little research, i decided to go with the Helix Syn Trident.  While I still enjoy its stimulation, I believe I much prefer the more rigid plastic of my previous MGX over the softer silicone feel of the Helix Syn Trident.

I want to purchase and to go back to using a plastic style.  I am interested in the MGX Trident orthe Helix Trident.

How would you compare the two?  What are the differences in these two styles?

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I can't help, I have Eupho and Progasm JR. I have a desire contrary to what you want, I would like to try something made of silicone 🥴. Since you've already tried the MGX, maybe it's time to test a new model like the Helix.

Do a search here on the forum or see user reviews on the purchase page of each product, this may help.

I imagine that MGX is more stimulating, with a fat and smooth structure at the top and with ribs at the base 🤤

Have you reached Super O yet? Just curious

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