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Found that gently massaging the perineum while aroused really sets things off.

I'll vary the pressure and rhythm, sometimes with one finger, sometimes 3, and sometimes the entire 4 on the hand.  It can get very intense fast.

Just another tool in the shed to heighten the experience.

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Now stop any motion, let one finger stay on your perineum and put one finger of your other hand on one of your nipples. Don't make a move, only wait and focus on the connecting vibes between both hot spots ... kawoooosh! 😉

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A variation is to touch a nipple and with the Aneros inserted, gently caress around your anus with the other hand without touching the stem, just go from left side to right side in a U pattern. Easy way to get some unvolontaries going. 

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Also slow deep massage can be nice. Or a simple re-positioning of the p-tab with an aneros toy in can change your "outlook." Or massaging your p-spot while using a dildo (or other object without a p-tab). If you have a partner who enjoys fingering you, show them exactly where to press. With fingers inside you (1-4 of them) the thumb can take care of the perineum, with a whole second hand to explore elsewhere, or just to hold onto with your hand so you don't get lost in outer space.

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