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I posted a video on YouTube that explains each of the 18 Aneros models in detail.

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Nice to meet you.
I have posted an explanation video of Aneros on YouTube.

It consists of two parts, and the first part is the meaning of the product name and the explanation of the Trident series.

The second part explains in detail the characteristics of each of the 18 models currently available for purchase from the Aneros official website.

Both are Japanese videos, but with English subtitles.
I received a comment saying "Please tell everyone on the Aneros Forum about this video!", So I will post it here.
I hope it will be helpful for beginners when choosing Aneros.

Thank you.

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Very helpful 🙂 

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Cool stuff.


could you tell us about aneros in Japan? For example how open are men to butt play? Is this a common thing? 

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Yes please don't be a stranger, I'm sure we'd all appreciate having a voice from a more distant part of the world conversing here!

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